TitanFall - PC

Viewed: 3D First-person
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up

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Games of the Year: Titanfall Feature

Plus some very honourable mentions

26 Dec 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Guns Beat Fists News

Sniping violence beats kicking and punching violence in UK video game charts

30 Jun 2014

UK Video Game Charts: UFC Dogs Ubisoft News

Watch_Dogs gets a proper kicking from EA's kicking and punching game...

23 Jun 2014

Titanfall Free on PC for a While News

EA makes PC Titanfall free as part of its Game Time! program

20 Jun 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Watch Dogs Bite FIFA News

The World Cup in Brazil still can't kick FIFA 14 to the top of the Chart-Track Charts

16 Jun 2014

PS4 Outselling Xbox One Despite Titanfall Success News

Xbox/PC title still can't bring the Xbox One into contention Stateside.

16 May 2014

EA Won't Give Titanfall Numbers News

And Electronic Arts suffers less than wonderful financials

07 May 2014

Titanfall: Zampella Hints at More to Come News

As Titanfall gets new maps, Zampella opens up.

25 Apr 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Titanfall Triumphant Again News

Xbox 360 release breathes new life into EA's start title.

22 Apr 2014

TitanFall Producer Doesn't Give a Damn if it's Profitable News

Doesn't want to inspire more TitanFalls

17 Apr 2014

TitanFall Set for Custom Loadouts, Filtered Challenges News

Studio outlines update plans

16 Apr 2014

TitanFall Topples FIFA 14: UK Videogames Chart News

LEGO The Hobbit misses Number 1

14 Apr 2014

TitanFall's First DLC Coming in May News

Brings three new maps

14 Apr 2014

TitanFall Xbox 360 Footage Finally Emerges News

Retailers may have shipped early

07 Apr 2014

UK Video Games Charts - inFamous Wins Again News

It seems that there is no movement expect sales falls

31 Mar 2014

Titanfall's Cheater System is Remarkable News

So simple, so straightforward, so brilliant.

27 Mar 2014

UK Video Game Charts - PS4 Exclusive Wins News

Titanfall is toppled from the #1 Spot

24 Mar 2014

TitanFall Sequel Publisher Named News

Respawn is also developing for PS4

20 Mar 2014

Huge Boost to Xbox One Sales News

96% boost in sales for Microsoft's console

17 Mar 2014

UK Video Game Charts - TitanFall Lands News

Dark Souls II can't make it to #1...

17 Mar 2014

Sponsored Video: TitanFall Featured Content

Watch the new FPS from EA and Respawn

14 Mar 2014

TitanFall Launch - See the 'Stars' News

You probably weren't at the official, big-assed launch last night. These people were.

14 Mar 2014

TitanFall for Mac in Play News

A non-Microsoft platform to get EA and Respawn must-succeed title

13 Mar 2014

OFFICIAL: TitanFall "Unexpected" Downtime News

With the US launch of TitanFall done - and Europe happening on Friday it's not good news.

12 Mar 2014

Respawn: On-Disc DLC is Scary News

You won't see on-disc DLC on Titanfall... but why the hell does that even matter?

11 Mar 2014

TitanFall Server Problems Patch Released News

EA and Respawn offer patch for launch problems

11 Mar 2014

Your Titan is Now Ready --; Respawn Entertainment and EA Launch Titanfall Today Press Release

The Most Anticipated Video Game of 2014 is Available Now in North America Exclusively for Xbox One and PC - Watch the Official Titanfall Launch Trailer Here

11 Mar 2014

Leaked: TitanFall Intro You Should Watch News

Plus a weird resolution matches beta

10 Mar 2014

TitanFall Season Pass Details News

Just like the telly... Titanfall has a season, apparently with episodes then?

06 Mar 2014

Activision at War with EA: Free Call of Duty MP News

Activision going head-to-head with Electronic Arts in Shooter War

05 Mar 2014

TitanFall - No Microtransactions News

Vince Zampella also talks DLC for EA's must-make-it shooter

05 Mar 2014

Wolfenstein Beats TitanFall in Xbox One Battle News

Wolfenstein: The New Order will run at 1080p on the Xbox One... TitanFall won't.

27 Feb 2014

Leaked: TitanFall Abilities and More News

EA/Respawn upping the exposure? Or a straight TitanFall leak?

25 Feb 2014

Official: Xbox One Price Slashed News

Sub-£400 Xbox One and TitanFall bundle is confirmed

24 Feb 2014

Xbox One now £399.99 (ERP) in the UK from February 28th Press Release

Xbox One bundled with Titanfall at no additional cost while supplies last

24 Feb 2014

Titanfall - The Beta Feature

Has Respawn's shooter changed anything?

21 Feb 2014

TitanFall Xbox 360 Development News News

And Respawn responds to accusations of bribery

20 Feb 2014

TitanFall Servers Shutting Down - Hurry Up News

Get your skates on if you want some shooting action

19 Feb 2014

Video: TitanFall Beta - Get Some Insider Tips News

Watch the TitanFalls developers giving you the heads-up on the beta

14 Feb 2014

EA Delays Titanfall on Xbox 360 News

Xbox One and PC versions unaffected

07 Feb 2014

Respawn: Titanfall Beta Will Be Closed News

Pre-ordering the title doesn't secure Beta access

06 Feb 2014

Shadow of the Colossus HD Dev Gets Xbox 360 Titanfall Gig News

Also: Beta confirmed for both PC and Xbox One

28 Jan 2014

Titanfall Gets Open Beta News

Shortish open beta for multiplayer game

27 Jan 2014

TitanFall Loadout Details Emerge News

Pilot and Titan capabilities revealed

20 Jan 2014

TitanFall Xbox One Controller Priced News

It quite palatable

16 Jan 2014

Alpha Registration for TitanFall is Go! News

Looks to be Xbox One only

16 Jan 2014

Criticism Mounts as News Hit of Titanfall Matches Limited to 6vs6 News

6v6 offers "the best balance" according to Zampella

08 Jan 2014

No Modding for TitanFall Nibble

03 Jan 2014

TitanFall Gets a Date and a WTF Price News

Great hope for gaming's shooter genre due in 2014

23 Oct 2013

Respawn Entertainment and EA Prepare For Titanfall On March 11, 2014 Press Release

Titanfall: Collector’s Edition Available for Pre-Order Now in Extremely Limited Quantities

23 Oct 2013

Caught on Film: Titanfall in Australia News

The Microsoft-exclusive turning folks on downunder

07 Oct 2013

Titanfall playable for the first time in the UK at Eurogamer Expo Press Release

Huge show floor presence for hotly awaited new shooter.

09 Sep 2013

gamescom 2013 - Titanfall Video is Respawny News

Didn't think we'd forgotten Titanfall?

20 Aug 2013

Hinted: Respawn to Use 3D in Titanfall News

Dev team gets Oculus Rift tech... seems excited.

23 Jul 2013

Titanfall: Respawn Hints Character Progression And Mech Variation News

'Differences' between platforms can't be detailed yet

22 Jul 2013

Report: Respawn Co-Founder Left Following Internal Dispute News

Not quite 'family issues', according to anonymous sources.

19 Jun 2013

Respawn Talks TitanFall Xbox Console Exclusivity News

Matter of team size and resources.

06 Jun 2013

Rumour: Leaked GameInformer Cover Outs Respawn Game - TitanFall News

Headed for Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360 apparently.

06 Jun 2013

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