Titanfall: Zampella Hints at More to Come

As Titanfall gets new maps, Zampella opens up.

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Titanfall: Zampella Hints at More to Come
Vince Zampella, the cofounder of Respawn, has been talking about the Titanfall Expedition add-on, which launches next month and has three new maps for folks already bored of the current maps. But he's hinting at even more to come.

That's not us being snarky by the way, Zampella has said that Expedition is, "Expedition is intended to satisfy players who rinsed the game faster than expected." So, what of the future?

He tells VentureBeat, "As soon as we can, we will add new modes,? he added. ?It won?t make the initial DLC pack. The new maps will hold people off a little bit. We wanted to strike a balance of having people get through the content easily and also have enough content to play with. People burned through it pretty fast.

?That?s the way game development is. You have 1,000 ideas. You can?t do them all. You pick the ones that have the most impact. Some of it won?t see the light of day or will wind up in a sequel.?

Source: VentureBeat


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