Guitar Hero II - PS2

Viewed: 2D Static screen
Genre: Rhythm: Timing

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21 Jan 2008

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20 Dec 2007

Guitar Hero 2 Comp Gets Mötley Judge News

Contestants to rock out in front of Mötley Crüe frontman

21 Jun 2007

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Play Guitar Hero II at Donington’s Download Festival News

Grace the same stage as Iron Maiden, Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance

29 May 2007

Become A Guitar Hero At Download Festival, Donington Park, As RedOctane Offers Greatest Gaming Stage Ever Press Release

Tell Your Mum You've Played Donington; Pre-book Your Space On The Third Stage Now; Prizes Awarded To The Day's Best Rocker

29 May 2007

Guitar Hero '80s Edition Coming Soon? News

Get ready for big hair and stadium rock!

02 May 2007

Guitar Hero III on Wii – New Features Detailed News

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30 Apr 2007

New Guitar Hero 2 Downloadable Tunes Unveiled News

So say the Guitar Hero rumour-mongers

24 Apr 2007

DS Stomps On US Hardware Competition News

PS3 trails at the back

20 Apr 2007

Nintendo Cleans Up At Industry Awards News

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20 Apr 2007

The Charts: Has Imagination Finally Died? News

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17 Apr 2007

Jam Today - On Your DS News

Music making madness

17 Apr 2007

Guitar Hero II: Whammy Bar Fixed, Your Xbox Jiggered News

The day the music died

16 Apr 2007

Microsoft : Guitar Hero II Track Pricing Is OK News

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13 Apr 2007

Guitar Hero II – First Downloadable Song Packs News

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11 Apr 2007

The Charts: Where Are The PS3 Exclusives? News

Command & Conquer hangs in at the top

11 Apr 2007

Red Octane Admits Guitar Hero Problems News

SPOnG smashes its 1974 Rickenbacker 360 Mapleglo against the drummer in disgust.

10 Apr 2007

Rock Bands, Guitar Heroes, Recriminations and Comedy Litigation News

All the latest Rock Band rumours rounded up and debunked right here

04 Apr 2007

Guitar Hero - Effects Pedals Add-Ons News

Details inside

02 Apr 2007

Harmonix/MTV/EA Announce Rock Band News

Four player ‘jam’ game featuring drum, lead, bass and vocals

02 Apr 2007

Guitar Hero Wireless Release Date Confirmed News

Are you listening Wiiers?

16 Mar 2007

EA To Publish Harmonix’s MTV-Branded Music Games News

Uber-publisher inks deal with ex-Guitar Hero dev

07 Mar 2007

360 Is More Powerful Than PS3 Says Microsoft News

No new 360 hardware for 2007!

12 Feb 2007

Guitar Hero and Transformers on Wii News

Plus, Spider-Man and other Activision gems

08 Feb 2007

Guitar Hero 360 Slips to April News

A good thing, bizarrely. Plus latest GH rumour round-up.

24 Jan 2007

Original Guitar Hero Developer Unveils World Domination Plan News

Harmonix working on a ‘different, bigger and more ambitious project’

23 Jan 2007

Guitar Hero Release Date Rumours Unfounded News gets it wrong.

19 Jan 2007

Guitar Hero Gets New Developer News

MTV and Activision to team-up?

17 Jan 2007

Will Guitar Hero Feature Distortion Pedals? News

Speculation over mystery port on 360 guitar controller

10 Jan 2007

Is Guitar Hero II Better on Drugs? News

Our survey says no

09 Jan 2007

Guitar Hero 2 on 360 Gets Worldwide Release in March News

Look at the new X-plorer controller and just drool

05 Jan 2007

Guitar Hero II (PS2) Review

Rock out like a poodle-haired freak

21 Nov 2006

Guitar Hero – What Proper Rock Stars Think News

Rock Stars fantasise about being other, better Rock Stars

08 Nov 2006

Guitar Hero 2: Full Song List Inside News

Well, nearly full...

06 Oct 2006

Guitar Hero™ Scoops BAFTA Award Press Release

Glittering awards ceremony honours RedOctane® guitar game.

06 Oct 2006

MTV Acquires Guitar Hero Developer News

Snaps up Harmonix for a cool $175 million.

25 Sep 2006

Guitar Hero goes Multiformat in 2007 News

RedOctane busies itself suing cheap guitar peripherals maker

20 Sep 2006

Guitar Hero 2 Latest - Spinal Tap, Police, Nirvana News

Tap Into PlayStation!

04 Sep 2006

Nearly 20,000 Gaming Geeks Gather at Third Penny Arcade Expo Press Release

2007 Event Heads to Larger Venue.

31 Aug 2006

Guitar Hero II – Guns N' Roses, Lynyrd Skynyrd and More News

Whoooooooaaahh oh oh ooooooooooooooh, etc...

24 Aug 2006

Exclusive: Guitar Hero out in Europe on November 24 News

RedOctane, SPOnG salutes you.

22 Aug 2006

Guitar Hero II European Release Date Confirmed Press Release

Remember, remember: It'll be out in November.

22 Aug 2006

Guitar Hero Three – Suggested Titles and Logos News

And Four. And Five. Etc.

17 Aug 2006

Axe Attacks in Edinburgh Press Release

Guitar Hero II to rock Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival with party and public screening

14 Aug 2006

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