Guitar Hero Three ? Suggested Titles and Logos

And Four. And Five. Etc.

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Guitar Hero Three – Suggested Titles and Logos
SPOnG doffs its northern-style flat caps to the guys over at Joystiq today for getting the minor scoop on the suggested names and logos for the next four Guitar Hero Games (see logos pictured here).

Guitar Hero: World Tour, Guitar Hero: Encore, Guitar Hero: Axe Grinder, and, more prosaically, Guitar Hero II (and III and IV we guess) are some of the monikers being considered over at RedOctane.

Good to see that Kelly Sumner and the chaps are back at work after being out on a month-long bender following the cool $100 million that Activision just gave ?em for the company.

And whilst it is a no-brainer to say that ?more Guitar Hero games are planned?, it?s good to see that the guys are also talking about the options for selling additional downloadable content in future iterations, in a very similar manner to Sony?s plans for the future of its top party karaoke SingStar series.

We?ll keep you up-to-date with any new developments on the Guitar Hero front. Like many others, we really just want to know three things. Rest assured, we will be badgering RedOctane?s PR team to answer our questions in order for us to stop harassing them on a daily basis.

Firstly, when is Guitar Hero II out in Europe? (Christmas 2006, fellas, come on!). Secondly, what are the plans for extending the series to Xbox 360? (Stop pretending, SPOnG knows that this is going to happen, so just spill). And finally, when are we going to have wireless guitar controllers so we stop tripping over ourselves everytime we get carried away banging out Iron Man for the umpteenth time?

Come on the RedOctane(hand) gang. We know you?re reading. Just email the answers and all our lives will become easier.


jordanlund 17 Aug 2006 16:18
Guitar Hero II would be fine, but instead of "II" the logo should be "Guitar Hero" plus 2 hands holding flaming lighters.

And so... VIOLA!

Yeah, would have been better with a womans hand instead of 2 guys, but that was the best I could find.
LUPOS 17 Aug 2006 17:08
jordanlund wrote:
Yeah, would have been better with a womans hand instead of 2 guys, but that was the best I could find.

i apreciate the idea but it doesnt really look like 2 or II as it where. I would imagine a hand throwing up the horns would be the way to go really.

or perhaps work a double axe in there some how.

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