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Full name: Acclaim Entertainment
Established: 1987
Closed: Sept 2004
Reason: Greed at the top

Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. was a leading world-wide developer, publisher and mass marketer of software for use with interactive entertainment platforms including Nintendo, Sony and Sega hardware systems, and PCs. Acclaim owned and operated four studios located in the United States and the United Kingdom, and published and distributed its software directly in North America, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Australia. Acclaim also distributed entertainment software for other publishers world-wide, and published comic books and software strategy guides.

Acclaim's headquarters were in Glen Cove, New York and Acclaim's common stock was publicly traded on NASDAQ under the symbol AKLM.

The company was forced into bankrupcy in 2004 after a series of economic setbacks in the previous years including poor trading results, loss of IP to rival publishers, and law suits for failing to pay royalties.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Acclaim's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1987 title, "Wizards and Warriors" (NES).

The company has been involved titles released on the PC, PS2, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Dreamcast, N64, Game Boy, Saturn, Sega 32-X, Sega Megadrive, SNES, Amiga, 3DO, Game Gear, Sega MegaCD, Sega Master System, NES and C64. Of these, "Shadow Man" (Dreamcast), "Re-Volt" (Dreamcast), "Dead or Alive 2" (Dreamcast), "Ferrari F355 Challenge" (Dreamcast), "Turok Evolution" (Xbox) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2005 release "The Red Star" (Xbox).

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27 Aug 2004

Texas studio closes

Acclaim Austin no more in wake of financial collapse.

26 Aug 2004

D-Day game launched to salute our brave heroes

Combat Elite WW2 Paratroopers from Acclaim.

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01 Aug 2003

Acclaim Entertainment set to Score with Urban Freestyle Soccer

No rules, no boundaries! Four on four extreme football to launch autumn 2003

24 Jan 2003

Player Jubilation over Mental Stimulation

ZooCube tests wits and dexterity, assaults senses.

18 Jun 2002

Thrill Your Speed with Burnout: The Ultimate Driving Game

Acclaim Entertainment announce the launch of Burnout a new driving game that is set to take the genre to the next level.

28 Nov 2001

An Action and Adventure Game in Frank Herbert's Cult World

Cryo and Widescreen Games announce the PlayStation 2 and PC CD-ROM November 2001 release of Frank Herbert's Dune.

17 Sep 2001

From Dusk Till Dawn

The Robert Rodriguez cult classic is coming to PC.

19 Jul 2001

Sweet Sweet Music!

Matinee flush with Vanishing Point’s success.

28 Apr 2001

Dave Mirra Gets Remixed In Time For The Summer

Cyclists! Don thy sturdy helmets and prepare for stunts galore.

26 Feb 2001

Acclaim tackles first ATV title for PlayStation.

Acclaim Sports tackles all-new terrain with first ATV title for the PlayStation® Game Console. Acclaim will Ship ATV: Quad Power Racing this August.

28 May 2000

ReVolt 2: Pocket Rockets on PlayStation.

Experience Acclaim's upcoming ReVolt 2: Pocket Rockets. Remote control boats, new environments, and play modes make for a state-of-the-art racer.

28 May 2000

Acclaim Max Sports Announces Video Game Lineup.

Acclaim Expands into New Genres with BMX, Surfing, and Freestyle Motocross Games.

28 May 2000

Acclaim release Armorines: Prject S.W.A.R.M for PlayStation.

Save The Planet From Insect Invasion In Acclaim's Armorines in Project S.W.A.R.M for PlayStation.

28 May 2000

Acclaim and Dualstar announce Mary-Kate and Ashley title for PlayStation.

Club Acclaim And Dualstar Interactive Announces First Mary-Kate and Ashley Title For The PlayStation* Game Console.

28 May 2000

Acclaim announce new titles for PlayStation 2.

Shadow Man: 2econd Coming and "Big Wave Surfing" Join Ferrari and Baseball Video Games on Next-Generation System.

12 May 2000

Acclaim sign up George Foreman and Roy Jones, Jr to headline HBO Boxing game.

Acclaim Sports signs exclusive deals with George Foreman and Roy Jones, Jr. to headline HBO boxing video game.

12 May 2000

Acclaim and Sega reach distribution agreement.

Global Rights and a September release date for "F355 Challenge" on Sega Dreamcast' are confirmed by Sega and Acclaim.

11 May 2000

Acclaim announce ECW Anarchy Rulz for PlayStation and Dreamcast.

Acclaim's ECW Anarchy Rulz video game bodyslams on to PlayStation® and Dreamcast(tm).

11 May 2000

Acclaim bring Bust-A-Move 4 to Dreamcast.

Popular Puzzle Series Makes First Appearance on a Next-Generation System

13 Apr 2000

Acclaim Sports' All-Star Baseball 2001 Ships

Only new Baseball game for Nintendo 64 already drawing critical praise.

30 Mar 2000

Acclaim clinches Tecmo's Dead or Alive 2 for Sega Dreamcast

Acclaim and Tecmo reach international publishing agreement for highly-praised, much sought-after, long-awaited Sega Dreamcast sequel to Dead or Alive.

28 Mar 2000

First ECW Wrestling Video Game Capitalizes on Hot Category

Acclaim's ECW Hardcore Revolution is number 2 game on PlayStation game console week of Feb. 13 - 19

28 Mar 2000

Three new titles for the PlayStation 2 from Acclaim

Acclaim Entertainment announces three new titles for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system.

21 Mar 2000

Turok 3: Shadow Of Oblivion For The Nintendoâ 64 Explodes Into Stores This Summer

Acclaim’s great Turok legacy makes it's triumphant return.

28 Feb 2000

Acclaim Entertainment Takes Equity Interest In ECW - Extreme Championship Wrestling.

First ECW Video Game Title "Hardcore Revolution" to ship Feb. 17, 2000

07 Feb 2000

Psychic Warriors

Psychic Warriors rebel against a renegade psychic army in 360 degree suspended fighting arenas.

26 Nov 1999

Turok: Rage Wars

In Turok: Rage Wars, Turok is unknowingly thrown into a tournament to battle a malevolent array of creatures.

26 Nov 1999

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