Sweet Sweet Music!

Matinee flush with Vanishing Pointís success.

Posted by Staff
Matinee Sound and Vision, one of the UK's leading video game audio and visual specialists, are riding high following the success of their latest project - high-octane racing title, Vanishing Point.

The Reading-based team composed a full range of tracks to accompany the game, which is now riding high in the Game chain's PlayStation and Dreamcast charts. Developed by Clockwork and released by Acclaim, Vanishing Point is a stunning arcade racer. Players select from 32 cars - including Toyota Supras and the BMW 325I - and the aim of the game is to be first past the post in order to uncover more cars and circuits.

Matinee was commissioned to create a series of original tunes, with the remit being to emphasise the game's incredible pace. Reviews for the game have been very positive, with Matinee's techno-inspired soundtrack singled out for particular praise. GameSpot, the world's most popular video game web site, said: "It's a great assortment of songs. There are a few tunes that really had me revved up and that I could listen to forever."

Matinee is now working on a number of new video game projects, details of which will be released imminently. "Video game music and presentation is becoming more and more important in new releases and Matinee Sound and Vision is at the forefront of the sector," said AV Services Manager Jackie Flint. "It's rare for a game's soundtrack to be singled out for praise, but it proves that we can meet and exceed the requests of developers for any style of game."