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After being told that wanting to become a Stunt man was a rather silly idea by my Career officer at school, I decided to fill in the time working as a Teaboy at my Dad's Soho studio "The Sound House" back in 1988. Worked my way up and reached Works Director in 1995 completing sound work on a fair few movies including "Goldeneye", "12 Monkeys", "The Saint", "Dust Devil", and "Four Weddings and a Funeral", can't really remember the rest but there's bout another 20 or so.
Left in 97 to create the Soundwaves sound fx collection a 5cd collection of sound effects, and kinda got involved with games around that point with "Aironauts" from Red lemon and "Crime Killer" from Interplay.
Got fed up with Freelancing and joined Gremlin Interactive (now Infogrames) in September 98' as Sound Designer and moved up to Sheffield.
Fitted out Gremlin with a Dolby 5.1 studio and vocal booth worked on all inhouse productions for just over a year including "Soulbringer", "Blade", "Hogs of War" "Gekido" and the "Actua" brand, doing all voice over recording, tracklaying and sound design. After much deliberation moved back down south and started work at Acclaim Studios London in October 99 as Sound Designer.
Began working on a Revolt eax patch as soon as I arrived, and have since completed work on Amourines PSX & Furfighters

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Chris Sweetman's first video game work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1999 title, "PGA European Tour Golf" (PlayStation) as Musician/Sound Effects.

Chris's most recent involvement was as Narrator/Voice Actor on the 2000 release "Rally Masters" (PlayStation).

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