Acclaim's Perry: Retail Stabs Industry in Back

Pre-owned game sales: BAD!

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Dave Perry
Dave Perry
Acclaim man (and Earthworm Jim creator) Dave Perry has lashed out at what he calls a "retail disaster".

In a rant of the rantiest order about the sale and trade-in of pre-owned games, Perry (doing his best publisher pastiche) writes on his blog, '"Sure, let me go make you exclusive content, let me advertise to send buyers into your store, let me pay to put standees and posters everywhere, so you can sell them used games and stab our industry in the back.' Now you've shown that the industry won't stand up to you, everyone else can copy this practice."

Perry went on, "It's just short sighted, if the retailers could get to 95% used games, and 5% real revenue for the industry, they'd move heaven and earth to get there. (For the short-term gain.) It's just not smart."

The problem, of course, is that publishers and developers make money from the sale of first-hand games, while they don't make a penny off pre-owned titles.

It's not a problem for Acclaim, however. As Perry points out - "Let's just say I'm happy over here at Acclaim (with 100% digital distribution), where we don't have to talk to short-sighted retailers. We average $70 per paying user, so there's absolutely no interest in retail anymore."

The danger for retail is, of course, that if it drives publishers toward a digital distribution-only model it will cut off its own supply of product.

Perry's had a lot to say of late. He's also been grabbing headlines for his statements on the PSP2.



Joji 9 Mar 2009 13:15
I don't know Mr Perry.

The second hand games market will always exists, because it meets the needs of the user. While I have never agreed with the likes of Game etc doing what they do, I would encourage gamers to swap or exchange games between themselves. I personally prefer to pick up used/new games on ebay, but I buy, I never sell anything. There are many PS2 games I want before they disappear yet.

Places like Goozex, are the kind of things the industry should be trumpeting, where like the sale of a car, its a user to user transaction. Even if the publisher makes no money from it (they should only make money once on a sale, just like everything else in life), at least this way, the stores won't be able to exploit the loop either. End result the customer wins.

With the rise of digital distribution, game stores need to tread carefully, because trying to be too greedy, on the second hand games from might be their undoing. What will game do if physical media are phased out. However, I still think digital and physical media will co-exist. Its just too risky to go all out digital.
tyrion 9 Mar 2009 13:47
Joji wrote:
Places like Goozex, are the kind of things the industry should be trumpeting, where like the sale of a car, its a user to user transaction.

No comment on Goozex, which I've never used, but your analogy is not universally true. What we're seeing with the 2nd hand market in games is more akin to car dealerships taking an old car in part-exchange for a new one.

You don't hear anything about Ford or Peugot complaining that dealerships, even ones with their logos out the front, are making money two or three times on the same car do you?

You don't hear anything about Mazda or Volvo complaining that dealers' forecourts are full of used cars as opposed to their new models do you?

Perhaps if Indies and games specialists could purchase stock at prices cheaper than gamers can buy games at supermarkets there wouldn't be such a reliance on used games? There's only so many strategy guides you can sell to make up for a negative margin on new games.
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Joji 9 Mar 2009 15:09
What I mean is, why doesn't the industry just say, sell your used games to your friends, not Game etc. I think more people would listen to this kind of advice, and greedy Game etc would be cut out of the picture.

On the other side of thing, I do think the availability of strategy guides next to new games does play its part, in the trading in of games quickly after purchase. Saying that though, you can find plenty of video guides online anyway.
Perry's Potty Mouth Again.... 9 Mar 2009 18:32
Yea Perry, lets all move to digital distribution, I mean, you'll be cutting out the retailer, manufacturing costs, and distribution costs, so substantially cheaper games for the Gamer right? Ha, please.... Capitalist prats like David 'Enter The Matix was sh*t' Perry want pure revenue, he talks in $'s, I swear, most of the time I think he walks around forgetting what industry he's in.... Dave, go take your millions, and actually make something worth paying for, until then, your games are banished to the pre-owned '10 for 10' bin.
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