An Action and Adventure Game in Frank Herbert's Cult World

Cryo and Widescreen Games announce the PlayStation 2 and PC CD-ROM November 2001 release of Frank Herbert's Dune.

Posted by Staff
Cryo in association with leading French games developer WideScreen Games today announced the 23rd November 2001 release of the exhilarating epic action adventure game Frank Herbert's Dune - released simultaneously across two formats - PlayStation 2 (£39.99 rrp) and PC CD-ROM (£29.99 rrp). Game development is headed by Olivier Masclef, who's best known for the critically acclaimed Outcast action adventure PC game, whilst project manager at Appeal Software. WideScreen brings together a raft of talent whose track record includes classic games including Prisoner of Ice, Worms and Alone in the Dark III.

Dune is to be published across Europe by Cryo, while Dreamcatcher Games ( retain the publishing rights in Canada and America. Acclaim Entertainment will handle the distribution for the game in the UK, as a result of Cryo's recent UK distribution and marketing deal with Acclaim.

Based on Frank Herbert's 1965 classic Sci-Fi novel, which Arthur C. Clarke describes as, "Unique among SF novels… I know of nothing comparable to it except The Lord of the Rings," the legacy continues with the latest and biggest action adventure game published by Cryo. In 1992 Cryo first established itself as an exciting new computer games development studio. It's main producer, Phillipe Ulrich (the brains behind the recent platformer Gift) not only created the first story game for the PC, but developed what was to be the very first computer game on CD-ROM format; Dune.

Almost ten years later, and now firmly established as a leading computer games publisher, Cryo has returned to one of the most detailed and highly-rated science fiction universes thanks to the licence of the six-hour TV mini-series Frank Herbert's Dune. The series features an all-star cast including William Hurt and Giancarlo (Hannibal) Giannini and first premiered in America on the Sci-Fi Channel, December 2000. Since then, the series recently aired on the Sci-Fi Channel UK, and on 26th November 2001, Fox Home Video ( will release the mini-series on VHS (£34.99) and DVD (£39.99).