Toshihiro Nagoshi


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Yakuza Creator is Promoted to CCO of SEGA News

COO retires - all change.

29 Feb 2012

Yakuza Studio Opens, Announces Yakuza 5 News

Also working on PSP spinoff sequel.

31 Aug 2011

Yakuza Was 3D One Time News

So says series director

11 Jan 2011

Sega Announces Binary Domain, Releases Trailer News

Targeting a worldwide audience.

01 Dec 2010

Rumour: Yakuza Creator Working on Robot Shooter News

Got the idea during development of Yakuza 3.

29 Nov 2010

New Yakuza Game Channels House of the Dead News

A zombie shooter. Hands up who saw this one coming?

15 Sep 2010

Yakuza 5 Already in the Works News

Development in sync with PSP spinoff.

02 Jul 2010

New Yakuza Game Heading For PSP News

Will have a different feel to past titles.

21 Apr 2010

Yakuza 3 Getting Premium Edition In NZ News

Includes soundtrack, DLC, director diaries.

28 Jan 2010

Yakuza 3 Heading West as PS3 Exclusive News

Ryu ga Gotoku 3 if you like.

08 Dec 2009

Yakuza Creator: I Wouldn't Want to Make GTA IV News

Games can be dangerous, see.

19 Oct 2009

SEGA Confirms Western Debut Of Yakuza 2 In 2008 News

Plus, Samba De Amigo for Wii rumours gain momentum

24 Sep 2007

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz: New Screens News

We REALLY love bananas!

29 Aug 2006

Sega's Yakuza Involvement Spreads to Europe and the US News

Ryu Ga Gotoku confirmed for western release

23 Feb 2006

Sega as studio consolidation approaches - High-level walk-out rumours abound News

Amusement Vision and Hitmaker close

29 Jun 2004

DS bags Monkey Ball, Castlevania and Silent Hill? News

Big name developers to adapt popular franchises.

24 Jun 2004

New Super Monkey Ball Confirmed by Nagoshi News

Deluxe takes shape.

18 Jun 2004

SpikeOut Extreme playable at E3! Outrun 2 Debacle Continues! News

Nagoshi makes fighter pledge as fresh hint at Outrun 2 emerges.

01 Mar 2004

Sega execs make brief Nintendo DS comments News

Nagoshi and Naka dual comment good vibes action.

16 Feb 2004

Amusement Vision throws weight behind Xbox News

Nagoshi makes Microsoft commitment.

30 Jan 2004

Sega’s Ollie King for Xbox? Plus: New Yu Suzuki game sees wall of silence News

Predictable Chihiro chatter emerges

25 Nov 2003

Nagoshi: Xbox SpikeOut not canned News

F-Zero focus blamed for media blackout

31 Oct 2003

Monkey Ball lives – third game planned! News

We really love bananas!

01 Oct 2003

Whisky-powered Monkey man on F-Zero News

Nagoshi speaks.

15 Aug 2003

Sega Consolidation revealed: Suzuki gets new studio News

The fight for profitability continues

25 Jul 2003

F-Zero LAN claims scuppered News

No Double Dash treatment for Nintendo racer.

09 Jul 2003

Ai-Ai Boo! No Monkey Ball 3! News

Nagoshi banana skins fan dreams

20 May 2003

World Exclusive: Super Monkey Ball 3 chatter emerges News

Simian magic to expand with spin

04 Apr 2003

New F-Zero screens News

More goodness from Amusement Vision

27 Feb 2003

Massive Sega restructure rocks world News

Kayama: ‘This is the New Sega!’

28 Jan 2003

Xbox Platinum Hits range causes deja vu News

MS budget range revealed!

28 Jan 2003

Sega's European PlayStation 2 withdrawal News

Super Monkey Ball and Space Channel 5 Part 2 go AWOL

28 Jan 2003

Nagoshi on F-Zero and the year ahead News

Sega’s in-house creative consultant and AV chief speaks on growing up.

22 Jan 2003

F-Zero AC shown for first time! News

Secret Tokyo unveiling for future racer.

20 Jan 2003

Exclusive – first Spike Out details emerge News

Nagoshi-san proves that whisky equals fighting.

17 Jan 2003

Exclusive: Planet Harriers disappears News

Amusement Vision popularity edges out Suzuki remake.

28 Nov 2002

Future of Shenmue hangs on US Xbox success News

Already released in Europe, Shenmue 2 sales are vital for series.

28 Nov 2002

JAMMA Show report News

Chihiro, TriForce and Naomi 3 in Japan.

20 Sep 2002

Super Monkey Ball 2 Story Mode details and screens News

Dr Bad-Boon eh...

20 Aug 2002

Xbox live status confirmed for Amusement Vision’s latest title News

Colossal online rumble planned for Xbox.

30 Jul 2002

Sega unveils first solo TriForce title! News

But will it ever see a European arcade?

28 Jul 2002

Exclusive Toshihiro Nagoshi Interview News

The creative genius behind all things Amusement Vision talks to us

13 Jun 2002

New Virtua Cop Next-Gen details emerge News

Plus, new Sega racer confirmed.

31 May 2002

Super Monkey Ball creator talks on… News

Monkey Ball of course! New screens included!

02 May 2002

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