SEGA Confirms Western Debut Of Yakuza 2 In 2008

Plus, Samba De Amigo for Wii rumours gain momentum

Posted by Staff
SEGA has confirmed that Yakuza 2 is finally set to make its Western debut in the US in 2008, though a UK SEGA rep SPOnG just came off the blower with could not confirm that the game would be released in Europe. Yet.

Rumours that SEGA is also set to resurrect the Dreamcast party classic, Samba De Amigo (pictured) are also currently being fought with a blizzard of "no comments" from the Japanese publisher's UK office.

You may remember that legendary producer Toshihiro Nagoshi unveiled Yakuza 3 at the Tokyo Game Show last week, with the third outing of the series set 400 years in the past in feudal Japan.

"With the game changing into a historical drama, a lot of people are thinking that it's going to be a side story or a Gaiden (or spin-off) type of release," Nagoshi told an interviewer recently.

Nagoshi added, "But we're not trying to make a type of game that's got a different tone…. We're making a completely new title, and in addition to making sure it's got very solid gameplay, we're also working hard on the casting and other various details to make the game surpass the previous releases in the series."

Yakuza 3 is due out on PS3 next year in Japan, so hopefully we might get to see US and European versions sometime before 2010.



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