New Virtua Cop Next-Gen details emerge

Plus, new Sega racer confirmed.

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New Virtua Cop Next-Gen details emerge
Sega of Japan has finally confirmed that a new Virtua Cop game is in the works for PlayStation 2, with other platforms being considered.

The full title of the new game will be called Virtua Cop Rebirth. Rebirth is an intriguing suffix as it hints at a complete switch in gameplay. We have heard rumours that Sega has a new FPS planned but this cannot be confirmed at this time. In contrast to this, we have also heard that Sega is working on the production of its very own lightgun for PS2, to be bundled with the new Virtua Cop game.

Whatever happens, we?ll let you know.

In other news, Sega revealed to Famitsu that it has a new racing game in development carrying the title Grand Heat. Though little is known about the game at this stage, we can exclusively reveal that Toshihiro Nagoshi, the head of Sega Amusement Vision and the brains behind the Daytona series, will have some executive input.

The platform for which Grand Heat is intended was also left undisclosed.

We have a round table meeting with all of Sega?s development heads, including Yu Suzuki, Yuji Naka, Toshihiro Nagoshi and more. We?ll be running it as a feature next week so keep an eye out.


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