Yakuza Creator is Promoted to CCO of SEGA

COO retires - all change.

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Yakuza Creator is Promoted to CCO of SEGA
Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi has been promoted to CCO of SEGA, following an executive reshuffle.

With COO Okitane Usui announcing a retirement and former managing director Naoya Tsurumi taking his place, it leaves the door wide open for Nagoshi, who also created Super Monkey Ball and was behind F-Zero GX on the Nintendo Gamecube, to ascend.

Nagoshi's promotion is not expected to clash with his duties in development, thankfully. The changes will be effective as of 31st March.

In Sega Sammy-Holdings' nine-month financial report, the company announced further changes in personnel as it "regrettably" made 37 redundancies in its Australian Brisbane studio so that it may focus on social networking and smartphone game development.


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