Rock Band - Wii

Viewed: 2D Third person, into the screen
Genre: Rhythm: Timing

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Rock Band Dev Could Get $383 Million from Viacom News

The company that was sold for $50 is looking good

30 Dec 2011

Rush’s Groundbreaking 20-Minute, “2112,” Comes To Rock Band in Time For The New Year! Press Release

“2112” will come to the Rock Band™ Music Store of downloadable content for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Wii™.

29 Dec 2011

Hit Tracks From Paramore, Gym Class Heroes, Cobra Starship, Panic! At The Disco, Sublime with Rome, & Travie Mccoy Come To Rock Band! Press Release

Rock Band DLC Additions for Xbox 360, PlayStation®3 system and Wii™

23 Dec 2011

Activision's "Obvious Reasons" for Harmonix Buyout No Comment News

For "obvious reasons"..?

09 Dec 2010

Riccitiello Makes About-Turn on Harmonix Comments News

Says the studio is one of the great developers of all time.

01 Dec 2010

Konami versus Harmonix Rock Band Battle Settled News

Viacom also backs down.

20 Sep 2010

The Vine and Sweet Billy Pilgrim debut next week on Rock Band Press Release

The Vines, Sweet Billy Pilgrim, will both make their Rock Band debut next week in the Rock Band Music Store of downloadable content.

09 Jul 2010

Nintendo Wii Awarded Most Valuable Gaming Brand News

Nintendo DS comes second.

30 Apr 2010

Rock Band Media Alert: Disturbed Three Pack Plus Silversun Pickups and More For Rock Band Dlc Next Week! Press Release

Harmonix and MTV Games today announced that a three pack of songs from American rockers Disturbed

26 Feb 2010

Rock Band Media Alert: "King Of Soul" Otis Redding Debuts On Rock Band Press Release

Alphabeat, Brian Setzer and The Chemical Brothers, will be added next week to the Rock Band Music Store

12 Feb 2010

Rock Band Media Alert: Metal Gods Megadeth Offer Up Rust in Peace For Download in Rock Band Press Release

The entirety of the seminal metal album Rust In Peace from Megadeth, will be added next week to the Rock Band Music Store

05 Feb 2010

Get Ready To Kick Your Twang Up To 11 As Rock Band Adds More Country Hits! Press Release

six pack of songs from country greats

29 Jan 2010

Blue Öyster Cult, Rage Against The Machine, Nazareth and More Added To The Rock Band Library Press Release

Harmonix and MTV Games today announced more song titles to be added to the downloadable content catalogue

22 Jan 2010

The Rock Band Network Beta Program Opens For Music Artists, Publishers and Record Labels To Author and Submit Songs Press Release

Test New Music Tracks and Participate in Peer Review Program

20 Jan 2010

Corbomite Games Will Be Making Songs For "Rock Band" Press Release

Corbomite Games have opened up, a portal for their songs portfolio.

19 Jan 2010

Rock Band Comes to iPhone Nibble

19 Oct 2009

Rock Band iPhone's Tiny Track List, Screens News

Hitting iPhone this month

09 Oct 2009

U2 for Video Game Appearance News

The Beatles made them do it.

07 Oct 2009

Rock Band Guy: DLC is Bigger than Other Publishers Think News

Plus expect Natal for Rock Band 3

21 Aug 2009

LEGO Rock Band Slides into View News

Mystery slide emerges

06 Apr 2009

Rock Band Gives Wii Owners 6 New Downloadable Tracks Press Release

Including Songs From Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Cars and More

28 Jan 2009

Harmonix Left Guitar Hero to Innovate News

Did Activision refuse to fund music R&D?

13 Jan 2009

Activision Chief: Games Will Rule All News

One form of entertainment to rule them all!

12 Jan 2009

SPOnG's Review of 2008: May Feature

Microsoft and Sony sales snow

31 Dec 2008

Game has Never Heard Beatles Banter News

Never before heard dialogue while recording

10 Dec 2008

Good News for EA as Beatles iTune Deal 'Stalls' News

Could a video game be the first sighting of loveable mop-tops in the legal digital world?

25 Nov 2008

Rock Band Track Pack for November 17th - Raaaaawk!!! News

Not just for the PS2 and Wii this time.

07 Nov 2008

The Beatles Make Guitar Hero Gently Weep News

All you need is a controller as the band appears in Rock Band

30 Oct 2008

Activision: We Won't Ship Enough Guitar Hero World Tour News

Plus: great big guitar game news blow-out

19 Sep 2008

Rock Band PS3 Coming Next Week? News

EA keeps mum

05 Sep 2008

UPDATED: Rock Band Track Export Patch Released News

Tracks to be exported from Rock Band to sequel

05 Sep 2008

Boy Leaves School to Play Virtual Rock News

All Hail the American Dream!

20 Aug 2008

Warners: Shutting Doors on Guitar Hero and Rock Band Tracks? News

Warner Music CEO calls video game licensing fees 'paltry'

07 Aug 2008

Rhythm and the Revolution Feature

How Guitar Hero was Rocked

25 Jul 2008

SPOnG's Top 20 Reader Voted Games: July 25th News

A SNES game? What are you all thinking?

25 Jul 2008

Rock Band 2 to Feature New Guns N' Roses Track? News

Chinese Democracy re-surfaces

14 Jul 2008

Konami Launches Rock Band Lawsuit News

Patents infringed?

11 Jul 2008

The Music Budget for a Wii Guitar Game is... News

Well, here's the facts...

09 Jul 2008

Rock Band 2 Songs Revealed? News

Nine tracks spotted on the telly box

02 Jul 2008

Rock Band 2 Fully Announced News

Coming soon to the United States

30 Jun 2008

Beatles Battle: Guitar Hero Versus Rock Band News

Beatles game on the way?

23 Jun 2008

Microsoft Puts Rock Band on Facebook News

New application launched

17 Jun 2008

Funcom Accidently Announces Rock Band 2? News

Axe wielding at its strangest...

12 Jun 2008

Girl in Post-GTA IV Malaise Feature

It's time to Rock!

29 May 2008

UK Charts: Has Conan Left Niko Bellic in a Haze? News

Haze challenges reviewers

28 May 2008

Rock Band Single Outsells iTunes News

Is gaming the saviour of Rock?

27 May 2008

Konami Takes on EA's Rock Band to Reclaim its Revolution-ary Status News

Music game genres granddad gets back on stage

16 May 2008

Wii/PS2 Rock Band Track Packs Unveiled News

Content to be delivered by disc

06 May 2008

Metallica Attempts to Ride Video Game 'Craze' News

But have to slow the whole thing down in order to mount up.

23 Apr 2008

Mötley Crüe Releases New Single Through Rock Band News

Rock Band scores a first with liberally umlauted rockers

16 Apr 2008

Rock Band Xenophobic Fears Put to Rest News

Europe-exclusive tracks to be treated as downloadable content

09 Apr 2008

Rock Band Priced - Highly News

EA to force gamers to re-mortgage

08 Apr 2008

Rock Band Ready to... Rock in the UK! News

BUT... Sony and Nintendo fans have to wait

08 Apr 2008

Rock Band Wii - No Downloadable Content News

US release date confirmed

25 Mar 2008

European Xbox 360-Only Rock Band in May? News

Confusion reins

06 Feb 2008

Guitar Hero III: Boston's Tease Party News

Plus: Rock Band single peripherals shipping in US soon

25 Jan 2008

Girl Gamer Falls Out of Love With A Hero Feature

You can never go back

20 Dec 2007

Rock Band vs Guitar Hero III - Bitch Slapping News

Music not the food of love after all.

13 Dec 2007

Girl Gamer Does Rock Band Feature

Electronic Arts vs Activision Round 1

06 Dec 2007

Rock Band Is Broken News

PS3 'issues' and faulty guitars mar US launch

29 Nov 2007

Rock Band/Harmonix To Move To "Whole Other Realm" News

Big announcement on the way

26 Nov 2007

Bowie Leads Downloadable Rock Band Content News

Queens of the Stone Age, The Police, Ramones, The Clash...

16 Nov 2007

Rock Band: Full Set List Inside News

Coheed or Cambria - which is your favourite?

30 Oct 2007

R.E.M. Classic In Rock Band News

Though we'll have to wait till Easter

27 Sep 2007

Grateful Dead Join Rock Band News

Lock up your children!

06 Sep 2007

Latest US Sales Data: Americans Love 'Football' News

And pretending to be rock gods, also

24 Aug 2007

Rock Band heads to PS2, New Tracks for Euro Release News

Leipzig spews news of new tracks and last-gen support

22 Aug 2007

EIF 07: Interview With RedOctane's Zach Fountain Interview

Guitar Hero III: RedOctane Bangs The Drums

20 Aug 2007

MTV Pumps Over $500 Million Into Games News

MTV moves too fast?

17 Aug 2007

Boo Hoo! Rock Band Slips to 2008 News

Tell us it’s not true EA. Tell us!

15 Aug 2007

Rock Band: Latest Jammin' Trailer And Screens News

You too can be Mick Ronson (Who?)

18 Jul 2007

EA:Rock Band Quick Hands-On News

From Electronic Arts "We don't Heart E3" previews comes more Rock Band...

12 Jul 2007

Rock Band: Mods And Rockers News

And more importantly, Steve Van Zandt

12 Jul 2007

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference – Full Report News

A solid, if slightly uninspiring, start to E3 2007

11 Jul 2007

Rock Band: Thrashin' First Screens News

Death by rock 'n' roll!

06 Jul 2007

First Footage of EA/Harmonix’s Rock Band Inside News

For those about to rock, SPOnG salutes you...

04 Jul 2007

Rock Band Fender Controller Revealed News

Erm... shred-tastic dudes

19 Jun 2007

Harmonix Wants Your Dream Setlist For Rock Band Game News

Which songs will you virtually rock out to this Christmas?

07 Jun 2007

Guitar Hero Publisher Disses Rock Band News

Plus: another rock-alike out today

01 Jun 2007

EA's Rock Band To Support Guitar Hero Controllers News

But it's Gibson versus Fender in the band-game war!

08 May 2007

Guitar Hero III on Wii – New Features Detailed News

Will it feature motion control?

30 Apr 2007

Jam Today - On Your DS News

Music making madness

17 Apr 2007

Guitar Hero II – First Downloadable Song Packs News

“As made famous by…”

11 Apr 2007

Rock Bands, Guitar Heroes, Recriminations and Comedy Litigation News

All the latest Rock Band rumours rounded up and debunked right here

04 Apr 2007

Wii Will, Wii Will Rock You News

Harmonix wants to bring Rock Band to Wii

02 Apr 2007

UPDATE: Rock Band - EA Pwns Music Industry News

Rock Band website launched, full details inside.

02 Apr 2007

Harmonix/MTV/EA Announce Rock Band News

Four player ‘jam’ game featuring drum, lead, bass and vocals

02 Apr 2007

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