Rock Band Dev Could Get $383 Million from Viacom

The company that was sold for $50 is looking good

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Rock Band Dev Could Get $383 Million from Viacom
Rock Band developer, Harmonix, which was sold by Viacom last June for the princely sum of $50 may be owed a staggering $383,000,000 by that same company it emerged this week.

According to the Boston Globe, “Viacom disclosed the Harmonix payment Tuesday, in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.”

Apparently, “In the most recent case, an arbitration team ruled December 19th that Viacom owed more money to shareholders under a contract provision requiring bonus payments if the gross profit generated by Rock Band games exceeded certain targets - $32 million in 2007 and $45 million in 2008.”

Happy New Year, Harmonix!

Source: Boston Globe


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