Driv3r - Xbox

Also known as: 'Driver 3'
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person
Genre: Adventure: Free Roaming / Combat Game: Driving

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Atari unleashes Driver: Parallel Lines website News

Pleasingly seventies vibe suggests good form

23 Jan 2006

Driver Boss Walks – Reflections Trouble Flares News

Edmondson jumps ship after dire spell.

16 Dec 2004

UK Charts: Summer Famine Takes Toll News

Sales slump and fetid stagnation sets in.

10 Aug 2004

DRIV3R review cheat scandal takes a twist News

Future Publishing makes aggressive move on its own forum

26 Jul 2004

UK Charts: Spider-man Hangs in at the Top, EA gets Cheap News

Spidey breaks sales record as summer gaming famine deepens.

20 Jul 2004

UK Charts: Spider senses a-tingling News

Bad news for Atari as Tanner takes a tanning from the webbed wonder.

13 Jul 2004

UK Charts: Grecian 2004 - for men News

Olympic fever sets in. DRIV3R sits tight.

06 Jul 2004

Driver free-wheels towards cin3mas: movi3 details unleashed News

Another game-to-movie tie-in from Constantin Films.

02 Jul 2004

Driv3r tops the charts in Australia Press Release

Shock, horror!

02 Jul 2004

UK Charts: Where's DRIV3R? News

At number one, duh!

29 Jun 2004

Atari on the brink: DRIV3R review scandal hits as massive shipment announced News

Pivotal title dragged through the dirt: Must win for Atari

25 Jun 2004

UK Charts see Driv3r jump the gun News

Sales figures tell of naughty retailers. Sam gives Harry the good news.

21 Jun 2004

AllintheGame - launching the first UK agency dedicated to writers working in the computer games industry Press Release

Voice production and localisation company announces that it is now representing some of the best UK and US games, TV, theatre and radio scriptwriters.

16 Jun 2004

Xbox Live Bulks up With Impressive Roster News

More games online for the big black box.

11 Jun 2004

Atari Holds Breath as DRIV3R Goes Gold News

French giant rolls dice – can key franchise pass the test?

08 Jun 2004

E3 Round-up: South Hall - Filling in the gaps News

Activision, Eidos, THQ and Capcom explained

14 May 2004

Driv3r Latest Reflections Slip Provokes Fresh Doubts News

Hotly anticipated sequel moves again.

29 Apr 2004

Game Stars Results News

The list in full from iTV’s celeb-filled award show.

19 Apr 2004

DRIV3R on the Move News

"Sorry dear, can't talk now, I'm on a mission(-based driving adventure)."

17 Mar 2004

New Xbox DRIV3R Screens News

Screens! Give me screens!

19 Feb 2004

More than 500,000 web users view Ridley Scott Associates’ Run the Gauntlet debut on Driv3r.com Press Release

Driv3r.com receives additional updates, including screenshots, a screensaver and a look behind the scenes at the making of Run the Gauntlet.

19 Feb 2004

Atari Shares Hammered by DRIV3R Slip News

Reflections off Christmas card list as Atari loses key fiscal boost.

29 Jan 2004

Atari announces June 1st DRIV3R launch date Press Release

In America, at least...

28 Jan 2004

June 1, 2004 release date set for Atari's DRIV3R Press Release

A profitable year to December 31, 2003 - operations expected to breakeven for the full fiscal year.

28 Jan 2004

Now it's June for DRIV3R worldwide release News

That’s PS2 and Xbox only, Buster. PC version to follow.

28 Jan 2004

Atari Signs Ridley Scott Associates to Deliver Driv3r Original Live-Action Short Film Press Release

First-ever original production created to promote a video game - episode 1 of three-part short to debut online on January 23.

06 Jan 2004

Driv3r Revelations News

Reflections head honcho gives us the lowdown on Tanner’s latest adventures.

02 Jan 2004

Atari and Xbox in 2004 News

DRIV3R plus two.

29 Dec 2003

DRIV3R Still on the Road to PC News

No mention of a GameCube version, however...

08 Dec 2003

Atari's DRIV3R to feature major hollywood talent Press Release

Michael Madsen, Ving Rhames, Mickey Rourke and Michelle Rodriguez lend voice talent to video game.

03 Dec 2003

New Driver 3 screens News

More eye candy from Atari.

28 Aug 2003

Driver 3 slips again as PSOne to PS2 development leap plagues another UK developer News

More slippage as further ground given to GTA

03 Apr 2003

Infogrames options film and TV rights for Driver franchise Press Release

Constantin Film and Impact Pictures to bring us the big screen version.

03 Mar 2003

Driver movie revealed News

Latest franchise jump gets green light.

24 Feb 2003

Reflections and the great Driver 3 battle News

Can the seminal series resist big-cash gratuity and stay true to roots?

14 Jan 2003

Driver 3 release date shocker! News

Fans of the series in uproar

16 Dec 2002

Driver 3 all-format status confirmed News

It’s good news for everyone as seminal sequel proves inclusive.

29 Nov 2002

Infogrames announces Driver 3 for Xbox, PS2, Nintendo Gamecube and PC Press Release

The wheelman returns in follow-up to top-selling PlayStation series.

18 Jul 2002

Driver 3 to be truly multi platform! News

Some of the best news we’ve had in ages!

18 Jul 2002

Driver 3 first shots! News

Take a sneaky peek at Atari’s answer to GTA3.

17 Jul 2002

Driver 3 first look! News

Miami nice!

16 Jul 2002

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