AllintheGame - launching the first UK agency dedicated to writers working in the computer games industry

Voice production and localisation company announces that it is now representing some of the best UK and US games, TV, theatre and radio scriptwriters.

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To complement their expanding range of English and European voice productions, AllintheGame will offer and project manage the game scriptwriting services of games writers responsible for some of the best UK and US game releases and media productions.

AllintheGame today announced their first signings and their selected game, audio book, comic book and TV credits:

Rhianna Pratchett : Beyond Divinity (Game) Child of the Chaos (Novella)

International Hobo: Discworld Noir, Mashed, Kult: Heretic Kingdoms (Games) Ghost Master (Game Design)

James Birrell: Vietcong, Hidden and Dangerous 2 (Games) The Manana Man (Novel)

Simon Jowett: Fire Warrior, Halcyon Sun (Games) James Bond 007, Young Indiana Jones, Spider-Man and Man-Thing (Comics)

Peter Dickson: The Fast Show, Tonight with Jerry Springer, Steve Wright's People Show (TV)

Jill Brett: Balamory, The Secret World of Benjamin Bear (TV)

Jonathan Clements: Halcyon Sun (Games), Dr Who, Strontium Dog, Judge Dredd (Audio Dramas)

Maurice Suckling: Driver, Driver 2 , Stuntman, Driver 3 (Games)

Peter Hynes: Balamory, Tom Thumb, Byker Grove, The Fimbles (TV)

Keith Brumpton: Balamory, Naked Video (TV)

Pete Mullin: Malice, Mission to Mars (Games), 11 O'Clock Show, Weird, Bad and Ugly (TV)

Chris Rowe: The Outlaw (Channel 4), The Crystal Chandelier (UTV)

Alistair Lock: Dr Who (BBCi), Kaldor City (Audio Book), Morris 2274 (Channel 5)

AllintheGame will supply full writing CVs of all their writers to developers and publishers looking to enhance the script content of their games, whether for new script projects or rewrites of existing scripts.

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