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Established: Sept 2003

Founded in September 2003, Digital Jesters is a new publisher with a fresh attitude. The team has over 30 years experience between them, and prior to this venture were responsible for setting up CDV Software's UK division, generating over £2.5 million in the first 12 months, and breaking in new brands such as Cossacks, Sudden Strike, Divine Divinity and Breed. Digital Jesters launches into the UK with four titles, the first two having been developed by Nadeo, and will be launched in November 2003.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Digital Jesters's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 2003 title, "Trackmania" (PC).

The company has been involved titles released on the PC and PS2.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2006 release "Kuon" (PS2).

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Ubisoft Goes Crazy

Ubisoft announces Crazy Frog distribution deal.

21 Oct 2005

Digital Jesters and AMD bet on gamers to design multiplayer arena for upcoming FPS

$10,000 in prizes up for grabs as Digital Jesters and AMD invite gamers to design an AMD arena for Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport.

12 Aug 2005

Crazy Frog Leaps to PlayStation

Britsoft coup as UK publisher signs worldwide agreement for Crazy Frog PC and PlayStation 2 game; Christmas number one assured.

01 Jul 2005

Chaos League Sudden Death Trailer Ready For Action

The most brutal strategy game in the universe is back. Witness the carnage as these sporting heavyweights rip each other to shreds.

27 May 2005

Modern Gaming Sins Revealed In Survey

Digital Jesters Unveils Results Of Nationwide Poll; Seven ‘Gaming Sins’ Compiled

27 May 2005

You Only Sin When You’re Winning

Digital Jesters Offer Prizes And A Slice Of Viral Vice

26 May 2005

Mobile DJ Business Started

Chaos League coming to mobile phones; more Digital Jesters titles promised.

09 May 2005

Mod To Make Your Mouth Water

“Calling all modders, tricksters and budding directors. This is a giveaway you won’t want to miss.”

09 May 2005

Get Your Coat Love, You’ve Pulled

DJ’s offer a touch of class with lesson 2 in winning with the ladies.

21 Apr 2005

World Enjoys Two Trackmania Launches

Sunrise hits shelves as mini-game hits Web.

08 Apr 2005

Future UK Music Stars Appear in New Video Game

Britain’s brightest artists choose racing game Trackmania Sunrise to show off their tracks.

01 Apr 2005

Freedom Force Begins World Wide War

New website offers exclusive free play of unique Freedom Force combat game.

31 Mar 2005

Track Down Prizes with Digital Jesters

IGUK TrackMania Sunrise League announced; cash and hardware up for grabs.

04 Mar 2005

Early Birds Catching Worms at Sunrise

TrackMania community members invited to join the beta test.

11 Feb 2005

New Website Bulging with Latest Game Info

1944: Battle of the Bulge gets an official home online.

08 Feb 2005

DJs Cause Even More Chaos

Brutal sports title snapped up by Britsoft publisher.

04 Feb 2005

Ball Grabbin’ Action!

Pro Rugby Manager 2 trailer now available.

28 Jan 2005

World War Two, Part Three

Digital Jesters unveil ‘1944: Battle of the Bulge’, the third title in Monte Cristo’s WWII RTS series.

21 Jan 2005

Change your point of view with Pro Rugby Manager 2

Digital Jesters unveil new 2d tactical display.

14 Jan 2005


Create a comic and win €4,000 worth of fantastic prizes with Digital Jesters & Focus Home Interactive.

07 Jan 2005

Initiative launched to get the UK’s kids playing rugby

Computer games publisher aiming to get kids off the PC and onto the fields with 5000 rugby ball giveaway.

06 Jan 2005

DJs Place Their Bets Online

Digital Jesters launches website to accompany the forthcoming FPS Bet on Soldier.

22 Dec 2004

Pro Rugby Manager 2: authentic to the final blade of grass

Digital Jesters unveil the 3D stadiums of the Zurich Premiership.

13 Dec 2004

Pro Rugby Manager 2 Starts Warm-Up

Digital Jesters unveils sequel to rugby management game of the year.

03 Dec 2004

Superheroes Sited in Europe

Digital Jesters launches its website to the hugely-anticipated Freedom Force Vs The Third Reich.

01 Dec 2004

UK’s DJs pledge full support for major LAN event

Digital Jesters to attend Multiplay UK’s latest party.

29 Oct 2004

Moment of Silence Retail Version Made Less 'seedy' - by Fans' Request

Adventure so huge, it'll be on DVD-only.

22 Oct 2004

Digital Jesters reaches for the stars

Digital Jesters to sponsor Battlestar Galactica on Sky One with their cinematic adventure The Moment of Silence.

14 Oct 2004

DJs create noise abroad

Britsoft publisher scoops deal to bring ace adventure ‘The Moment of Silence’ to Scandinavia, Benelux and South Africa.

11 Oct 2004

If God is a DJ….

Digital Jesters puts power in your hands with Medieval Lords demo.

10 Sep 2004

Scrummy Rugby Sequel Contains Cyanide Ingredient

Digital Jesters causes a ruck(us) with Pro Rugby Manager 2005.

03 Sep 2004

DJ Weaves a Web of Espionage

Digital Jesters let gamers in on the secret with launch of new website.

13 Aug 2004

DJs to Excel

Digital Jesters join EGN and Game Stars Live Parties.

10 Aug 2004

Comic Book Violence Offered for Free

Chaos League 24-page comic distributed to 280,000 consumers.

02 Aug 2004

DJs launch mystery demo

Download Sherlock’s first level and get clued up.

28 Jul 2004

Elementary, my DVD Watson

Digital Jesters bundles full-length Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes movie with every copy of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Silver Earring.

22 Jul 2004

War! What is it good for?

Winning prizes for a start, in D-Day’s forthcoming tournament.

16 Jul 2004

Trackmania designers honoured by Develop magazine

Nadeo – developer of the PC’s most addictive racer – up for prestigious award.

14 Jul 2004

Wheelie good game

Digital Jesters unveil new demo and website.

12 Jul 2004

This'll be D-Day

Thrilling playable demo of Digital Jesters’ RTS title now available.

09 Jul 2004

Sun Rises on a new Trackmania


02 Jul 2004

The World’s First Cycling DJ's

Digital Jesters unveil latest management opus.

23 Jun 2004

Medieval Lords site goes live

Digital Jesters build and defend their expanding website.

21 Jun 2004

City Builder Games Come of Age

Britsoft publisher Digital Jesters acquires dynamic management title Medieval Lords: Build, Defend, Expand.

11 Jun 2004

DJs build Holmes on the web

Digital Jesters launch official website for new Sherlock Holmes game.

10 Jun 2004

An Oriental Slant

Digital Jesters release exciting Samurai mod for all to play.

07 Jun 2004

Fight them on the beaches

D-Day, an historically accurate RTS from the makers of Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps, starts making tank tracks to PCs everywhere.

04 Jun 2004

Chaos League Demo Unleashed on the Hordes

Sample the mystical mayhem for yourself, RIGHT NOW!

28 May 2004

Stamping is a gentleman's activity

Brand New Pro Rugby Manager 2004 playable demo, yours from May the 27th.

28 May 2004

Elementary, my dear Watson

Digital Jesters signs exciting new adventure game starring the original dynamic duo.

14 May 2004

Let The Bookie Win

Digital Jesters secures Bet On Soldier, an FPS with a difference.

12 May 2004

Rats get Mapped

Digital Jesters release free tool allowing gamers to create limitless levels for award-winning strategy game.

07 May 2004

DJ’s Power Up

Addictive and highly acclaimed racing game ‘TrackMania’ has powered up for a new release.

23 Apr 2004

Digital Jesters Xequte European gaming gateway

Digital Jesters and to develop European gaming gateway!

15 Apr 2004

Pro Rugby Manager 2004 Touchdown For Fans

Patch and Match Technology comes to game web.

05 Apr 2004

Trackmania power up!

Digital Jesters announce free Trackmania expansion pack plus brand new multiplayer demo.

02 Apr 2004

DJs start the race

Chaos League UK website launches – with exclusive game info.

02 Apr 2004

DJs Crack Enigma Code


24 Mar 2004

DJs offer grass roots support to the future of rugby

Publisher of Pro Rugby Manager 2004 game to offer sponsorship to exceptional rugby team.

19 Mar 2004

DJs to create Chaos

Innovative hybrid PC title forms publisher’s next key release.

15 Mar 2004

Kick Off For Pro Rugby Demo

DJ’s and Cyanide Studios release brand new demo.

11 Mar 2004

Talented Writer offers Divine Inspiration to Gamers

Beyond Divinity gets its own Novella.

11 Mar 2004

Get more Savage

Exclusive new Euro demo with stacks of extra features. Plus XFire multiplayer tool incorporated.

27 Feb 2004

UK gamers get Savage

ExcLANsive centres to fight beast wars prior to launch.

20 Feb 2004

DJ'S to kick off mods and mappers challenge

New competition launched to find the world’s greatest new game designers.

19 Feb 2004

DJs play to 1000-strong crowd

Savage: European Edition takes prime spot at Multiplay’s latest LAN Gaming event–Newbury Racecourse, March 12–15.

30 Jan 2004

Surfers get their just Deserts

Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps gets exclusive website; playable demo due soon.

27 Jan 2004

European Gamers get more Savage

Digital Jesters unveil exclusive Europe-only retail pack, with stacks of extras.

16 Jan 2004

Claim Wilkinson’s sword

England rugby shirt autographed by World Cup hero top prize on Digital Jesters’ New Pro Rugby Manager website.

08 Jan 2004

Just Deserts

UK gamers prepare to shout ‘Korps Blimey’ as new RTS hits PC.

19 Dec 2003

Hello Buoys!

Yachting just got sexier.

11 Dec 2003

DJs go Savage

Groundbreaking US smash-hit multiplayer title heading to the UK.

28 Nov 2003

Yacht’s yer lot

Digital Jesters launches the VS HQ – the online resource for Virtual Skipper fans.

20 Nov 2003

Video thrills the nadeo stars

Digital Jesters unleash first moving footage of the heart-in-mouth racer TrackMania and the really rather splashing Virtual Skipper 3.

14 Nov 2003

Digital Jesters scoops MacArthur

Award-winning yachtswoman offers support for Virtual Skipper 3.

31 Oct 2003

England win the Rugby

Britsoft publisher Digital Jesters wins battle to sign new management simulation.

24 Oct 2003

Grab free tracks

Digital Jesters begins countdown to the release of TrackMania with the offer of free code to beta testers.

20 Oct 2003

Tracks go live

Digital Jesters launch TrackMania online community – playable code available online soon.

08 Oct 2003

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