Hiroshi Yamauchi

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Breaking: Ex Nintendo Chief Dies News

The man who moulded Nintendo is gone

19 Sep 2013

Former Xbox Exec on Sony and FUD News

Fighting talk from a console wars vet

16 Sep 2008

Nintendo-inspired Museum Opens in Kyoto News

Yamauchi and Miyamoto introduce interactive art.

04 Apr 2006

Hiroshi Yamauchi Retires. Again News

Nintendo president to step down another rung.

27 Apr 2005

Nintendo Comments On Ball-suck Yamauchi Piece News

Strange racist ranting still making waves.

10 Jan 2005

Investors react to Gates’ off-the-cuff Nintendo dream News

Foolhardy speculators misinterpret spurious merger reports.

05 Aug 2004

Bill Gates pencils Nintendo onto his corporate shopping-list News

Very rich man expresses interest in buying successful company shocker!

04 Aug 2004

Former Nintendo President in Top 20 Rich List News

Yamauchi still riding high

02 Jun 2004

GameCube 2 to Take Shape at E3 News

'Highest level' Nintendo comment next month.

05 Apr 2004

Former chairman Yamauchi sticks oar in over Nintendo future News

Outspoken as ever, Yamauchi makes headlines

16 Feb 2004

Nintendo Chief Back in the Game News

Yamauchi - the man who could not rest.

28 Nov 2003

Yamauchi on Famicom, PSP and more… News

Nintendo old guard as sharp-tongued as ever.

04 Jul 2003

War in Iraq sees Nintendo’s Yamauchi miss baseball News

Mariners game cancelled amid security alerts.

21 Mar 2003

Yamauchi Q Fund sees Dragon Quest start-up News

New Nintendo-powered game studio is born.

28 Aug 2002

Yamauchi speaks on Iwata appointment News

The old and the new: Nintendo in transition.

13 Aug 2002

Nintendo management structure fully disclosed News

All under the watchful eye of Yamauchi

07 Jun 2002

Yamauchi: The President that would never leave News

Nintendo uber stalwart keeps grip on firm.

29 May 2002

Iwata, Miyamoto on the year ahead News

What does the next 12 months hold…?

29 May 2002

Yamauchi steps down (eventually) making way for Iwata News

Iron Satoru takes the reigns.

28 May 2002

SquareSoft speaks out on Nintendo development: Official statement inside! News

SquareSoft Japan has made the following statement relating to development progress for Nintendo platforms.

14 Mar 2002

Exclusive new Nintendo Final Fantasy details arrive! News

So, does the 'N' stand for new?

12 Mar 2002

Final Fantasy Confirmed for GameCube News

Square/Nintendo partnership yields new development studio.

11 Mar 2002

Yamauchi Retirement Date Set News

This time, he's not bluffing.

26 Feb 2002

Shigeru Miyamoto Interview Part 2: The most complete interview anywhere on the web News

This is the reason you've been wishing the weekend away. We ask, Miyamoto answers - the conclusion.

25 Feb 2002

Yamauchi to retire? News

Golf, honourable Mr Arakawa?

09 Jan 2002

Yamauchi to set up development fund News

Nintendo president digs deep

27 Nov 2001

A glimpse of hope for Square on Nintendo? News

Come on Nintendo, you know you want to.

21 Sep 2001

Nintendo boss slams GameCube with pessimism News

It's a shame everyone isn't looking forward to Nintendo's new handbag as much as we are

28 Feb 2001

Nintendo President on industry soapbox News

Outragous outbursts from Nintendo cheif

23 Feb 2001

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