Nintendo boss slams GameCube with pessimism

It's a shame everyone isn't looking forward to Nintendo's new handbag as much as we are

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Mmmm, nice!
Mmmm, nice!
In a recent interview, Nintendo president, Hiroshi Yamauchi has played down the launch prospects of the GameCube, a move that has surprised many gamers.

The usually bullish president said "The main problem is GameCube software. We won't be able to get any user support if we continue to release games on the brink of missing release dates. Our major goals are centered around Christmas 2002, but the GameCube will fail if nothing interesting is released for it before then.” He was also less than enthusiastic about developing Nintendo titles for other gaming platforms. "Software companies have run out of new ideas, so now all they strive for is more graphics and more force. At the same time, development costs have risen...It's a very difficult situation for all of us. [Now] software companies are going multi-platform, running one game on lots of consoles, just to sell that little bit more. Even Sega. I can understand why the industry's flowing this way, but, speaking for Nintendo, I can hardly welcome it." He said this was due to, "…when a user chooses a game, he always searches for something new and fun in a way he's never seen before. If games on Nintendo machines are do-able on other companies' consoles, then we'll lose those users' support. If we can't succeed in separating ourselves, then we won't win this battle. And that's the reason why I'm not overjoyed about multi-platform tactics."

Mr Yamauchi was also fairly blasé about Sega’s withdrawal from hardware production. "Being a member of the game industry, I anticipated Sega's withdrawal to a certain degree. This won't change the flow of the industry."

In an upturn in the interview, Yamauchi seemed to be relishing the prospect of linking the GameCube with the Game Boy Advance. "Right now, Nintendo's development teams are working on the creation of a totally brand new type of game, tying together the Gamecube and Game Boy Advance. Our goal is to introduce this product during the Christmas rush of 2002,” he said. "We will release a new Pokemon title for Game Boy Advance as well.”


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