Nintendo Comments On Ball-suck Yamauchi Piece

Strange racist ranting still making waves.

Posted by Staff
Some yellow balls over the weekend
Some yellow balls over the weekend
As you may well be aware, a piece reporting to be snipped from the pages of Wired Magazine did the rounds recently which grabbed headlines across the gaming press. It reported of an alleged meeting between Nintendo Chairman Hiroshi Yamauchi and Microsoft?s Steve Ballmer, in which the ageing Kyoto stalwart explodes with fury at various MS buy-out suggestions.

Of course, the piece was fake, though our friends at The Inquirer jumped at it, no doubt wanting to believe, as did the entire games industry.

Nintendo however, has suffered a shock attack of 'actually having a sense of humour', with global PR head Yasuhiro Minagawa saying, ?Everybody in the industry was talking about that [interview] and laughing about it.?

Meanwhile Nintendo Europe offered a somewhat sterner line: "The scans and pictures circulating on the internet allegedly containing an interview with US technology magazine 'Wired' and Nintendo former company President Mr. Hiroshi Yamauchi are a hoax. The reported interview between 'Wired' magazine and Mr. Yamauchi never took place."


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