Hironobu Sakaguchi

Born: Nov 1962

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Hironobu Sakaguchi to Present The Last Story at BAFTA News

Fans can come and pick his brains about game design.

27 Jan 2012

Hironobu Sakaguchi's Last Story Dated for Europe News

Make their Christmas light with MacBook Air.

08 Dec 2011

The Last Story to Contain Online Team Play News

Sakaguchi hints at unannounced details ahead of showcase.

23 Dec 2010

Final Fantasy Father Talks More Last Story with Iwata News

Has a chat with Iwata, Lets Metroid co-creator join in to

27 Aug 2010

Iwata and Sakaguchi Talk The Last Story News

Exchange reveals many interesting details for upcoming title

17 Aug 2010

Final Fantasy Creator Not Quitting Video Games News

Misinterpreted post gets translated, clarified.

19 Jul 2010

World of Warcraft's Morhaime for Academy Hall of Fame News

Blizzard CEO joins august company

12 Dec 2007

Iwata Picks Up Award For 'Most Influential Videogame Executive' News

With Sony's Ken Kutaragi a close second!

03 Jan 2007

Sakaguchi’s Blue Dragon 360 Emerges News

First micro-scan crops up.

25 Nov 2005

Sakaguchi Xbox 360 Game Revealed at Last News

MistWalker Studio offers sneak peek.

03 May 2005

Sakaguchi-san’s Xbox 2 RPG Confirmed News

And mysterious cloak and dagger antics from Microsoft to boot.

25 Feb 2005

Xbox 2 Announcement Looms – Sakaguchi-san in the Mix News

Final Fantasy creator’s MistWalker Studio offered.

24 Feb 2005

Final Fantasy Famed Sakaguchi-san Pledges DS Strategy Title! News

First Mistwalker game shaping up.

07 Feb 2005

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi confirms two new titles... News

...whilst Square Enix registers two new names.

10 Aug 2004

Final Fantasy goes bang! Sakaguchi-san PS3, Revolution and Xbox 2 RPG rush News

Another day, another fresh FF story

22 Jul 2004

X-2 more appealing than predicted as Square reneges on initial line-up News

Final Fantasy X-2 busts a million - Sequel announced

17 Mar 2003

Europe to get Final Fantasy 12 this year! News

Read on, for SquareSoft sweetener

30 Jan 2003

Final Fantasy XII team revealed News

More FFXII revelations - Feel the wait!

03 Jan 2003

Square shares buoyant following FFX success News

Board sleeps at last

06 Feb 2002

Square stock buoyant News

Tea, Mr Sakaguchi?

11 Jan 2002

New Chrono title in progress! News

New SquareSoft update

07 Apr 2001

SquareSoft AGM. Seconds out, round one! News

Shareholders make their concerns heard loud and clear...

07 Mar 2001

Sakaguchi and friends do a mini Hara-kiri as Square posts first ever loss News

Square bosses sacrifice honour to appease share-holders

28 Feb 2001

Final Fantasy XII details emerge! News

See a long way into the future and impress your friends. Spong brings you the news that counts first!

25 Jan 2001

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