Final Fantasy XII team revealed

More FFXII revelations - Feel the wait!

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Final Fantasy XII team revealed
Square has revealed the team that is currently beavering away at Final Fantasy XII, the latest addition to the hugely popular RPG series.

In development for PlayStation 2 (at least) Square has brought some old favourites back for its return to off-line adventure gaming.

Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant story veteran Akihiko Yoshida will be the game's lead 3D director. Famed for character design and environmental construction in the past, Yoshida will take a huge amount of responsibility for FFXII.

It was also revealed that Jun Akiyama will be the game's producer and Hideo Minaba will direct. Strangely, Final Fantasy stalwart Hironobu Sakaguchi was not mentioned by the firm.

We'll monitor all this and keep you updated. And by the way, you'll be lucky if you see Final Fantasy XII released in Europe in the next two years. Which is depressing, we know...


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