Dead Island - PS3

Viewed: 3D First-person
Genre: Adventure: Survival Horror

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On Film: New Dead Island Game has Yet More Zombies News

Yes, a sequel to a high selling game with zombies, has more zombies. Flogging an undead horse?

02 Jul 2014

ESCAPE Dead Island®: Paradise Meets Insanity Press Release

Survival mystery spin-off reveals the story behind the Outbreak

02 Jul 2014

2013 Industry Insights with Blazej Krakowiak, Techland Interview

Current Generation consoles are 'obsolete'

12 Feb 2013

Techland Files Trademark for Mobile Game, Dead Stop News

Dead Island developer looking towards mobile devices.

30 Jul 2012

Dead Island: Rip Tide - Whole New Game Confirmed for End of Console Cycle News

Deep Silver also confirms the price of its new console title

11 Jun 2012

Dead Island "Probably" the Best-Selling New IP of 2011 News

Techland buffs its chest a bit.

22 Dec 2011

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Resists RAGE for Top Spot News

Dark Souls debuts at #3! Hurrah!

10 Oct 2011

UK Video Game Charts - FIFA 12 Sends Gears III Off News

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus win through a bit too

03 Oct 2011

Dead Island Movie is Based on Game Trailer - Still No Brad Pitt News

Yes, the movie of the trailer...

27 Sep 2011

Lionsgate Brings Dead Island To Life On The Big Screen Press Release

Feature Film Adaptation Of Deep Silver’s Zombie Sensation In Development At The Studio

27 Sep 2011

GAME Put Dead Island Store Price Up To Nearly £50 News

Way to gouge the market, guys.

16 Sep 2011

Dead Island: A Trailer Success Story Opinion

A powerful teaser creates huge expectations.

13 Sep 2011

UK Chart: Marketing Triumphs as Dead Island Grabs No.1 News

Four new entries into the Top 10.

12 Sep 2011

Deep Silver Lining: Dead Island to get DLC Pack, Day-One Patch News

Yay! Update and New DLC! Boo! It may wipe your save!

09 Sep 2011

'Feminist Whore' - Dead Island in Yet Another Screw-Up Shock News

Seriously, Deep Silver? Now this?

08 Sep 2011

Dead Island Review

Sex is the only hope

07 Sep 2011

Dead Island Preview

Sun, sea, sand, braaaaiiiinssss...

05 Aug 2011

Dead Island Writer: "Politicians Don't Understand" News

Maybe we should stop calling 'videogames' 'games'...

29 Jun 2011

Dead Island Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed News

$10 worth of free shit.

03 Jun 2011

Dead Island: Deep Silver's Vincent Kummer Interview

Heavy Braaaaaaaiiinn

24 Mar 2011

Dead Island: Trailer Family to Appear In Game News

Mostly positive response to CG trailer.

23 Mar 2011

Dead Island: No Dead Kids in Game News

It's just won't sell

23 Mar 2011

Pete Donaldson's SPOnG Games VidCast 2011 - Episode 1 News

Pete's back with gaming news!!!

07 Mar 2011

Fresh Dead Island Details Emerge News

Co-op, RPG elements and a dark story.

17 Feb 2011

There is No Dead Island Controversy Opinion

Is it worth talking about at all?

17 Feb 2011

Deep Silver To Publish Techland’s Dead Islandtm Press Release

Zombie Slasher set on a Tropical Island

17 Feb 2011

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