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Genre: Sport: Baseball / Sport: Golf / Sport: Tennis

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Hyperkin Makes Wiitm Pop! Sound Plus Delivers Added Realism To Nintendo Wii with Built-In Sound Simulation Press Release

Patent Pending Peripheral Allows Gamers to Feel and HEAR Every Swing of the Wii Baseball Bat, Tennis Racket or Golf Club

01 Mar 2010

Blaze Add Motion Plus Compatibility with A Touch Of Luxury To Their Wii Sporting Accessories Press Release

Fully Motion Plus compatible Wii Sports packs in stock and available NOW from BLAZE

19 Jan 2010

Nintendo's Best-Selling Wii Titles News

Plus: DSi still coming in Spring

30 Jan 2009

E3: Tonnes of Nintendo Announcements Pix News

Wii Sports Resort, Wii Music, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Wii Speak - all in pictures!

15 Jul 2008

Japanese Hardware for the Entire Year News

But PSP leads the last month

04 Apr 2008

Critics Slam Wii 'Virtual PE' Initiative News

Scheme labelled 'gimmick'

28 Jan 2008

Wii Hits Five Million In Japan News

Best-selling Wii games revealed

23 Jan 2008

Wii Sports-Alike Screens Inside News

More frantic arm waving coming soon

04 Jan 2008

Worst Wii Bundle Ever? News

Retailer completely takes the piss

06 Dec 2007

British Academy Video Game Awards 2007 - Full Picture Report - Nintendo OWNS It News

Wii Sports claims an impressive SIX BAFTAs

24 Oct 2007

Wii Love Golf - First Swinging Screens News

Can it measure up to Wii Sports?

01 Oct 2007

Wii Love Wednesdays - Wii Sports Boozathon News

Posh Sarf London boozer combines Wii with strong cocktails. Genius.

28 Aug 2007

Game News From Japan: Why Are People Buying PSPs? News

33,715 this week! PSP 2000 out next month

24 Aug 2007

Top Spin Tennis on Wii Next Spring News

We’re gonna need a longer lead…

22 Aug 2007

Omega Sektor – The Wembley Of Gaming Opens Today News

Biggest gaming centre in the world opens its doors

10 Aug 2007

Bill Gates On New Xbox Controls News

Speaks out in “Bill and Steve Jobs Excellent Adventure”

05 Jun 2007

Actors To Play Wii Sports in ‘Live’ Cinema Ads News

Creative marketing or Nathan Barley-esque nonsense?

25 May 2007

Next Gen Bowling on PS3 News

With motion control, no less

17 May 2007

EA To Release Wii Sports For Kids News

EA Playground revealed

02 May 2007

Phoenix Wright Sequel Tops Japanese Charts News

An impressive eight Nintendo games in top ten

20 Apr 2007

Latest News From Japan - Professor Layton + Twilight Princess A Dud! News

SPOnG’s man in Japan delivers the first of his regular round-up. So, let’s talk Japanese games - in English, for convenience.

20 Mar 2007

GDC: Gears of War Cleans Up At Awards News

Game Developers Choice Awards dishes out the honours

08 Mar 2007

MCV Industry Excellence Awards 2007: Finalists Announced Press Release

Shortlist for the games industry's most celebrated awards event is revealed

02 Mar 2007

Questions Raised About Wii Health Research News

Who exactly commissioned it? Which other consoles were used?

21 Feb 2007

Wii – Kids Burn 40% More Calories Says Research News

Wii-ing makes you lose weight – it’s official!

19 Feb 2007

Shigeru Miyamoto: Wii Is For Mothers! News

Design genius speaks his mind on violence and the opposition.

16 Feb 2007

Wii Worldwide Online Play - Not Yet News

Also, shooting people is now part of a marketing strategy.

12 Feb 2007

Wii Cricket – Fans Petition Nintendo News


31 Jan 2007

Nintendo Announces Record Profits Yet Again News

How many record-breaking financial reports do they have?

25 Jan 2007

Fat Wiier Loses Weight News

Gamer completes Wii fitness experiment

24 Jan 2007

Miyamoto to Speak at GDC News

Developer to share his "creative vision".

22 Jan 2007

Wii Training – Be Fitter, Happier, More Productive in 2007 News

Detailed Wii Sports tips and tricks guide here

02 Jan 2007

Wii Sports: Has Nintendo Gone Pro? News

'The lapsed, the ladies and the elderly' report back

02 Jan 2007

SPOnG's Review Of 2006: December Feature

December: the UK got Wiied on!

02 Jan 2007

Nintendo Responds to Daily Mail Accusations About Wonky Wiis News

Fairy lights do NOT affect Wii games

21 Dec 2006

Nintendo Cited In Wii Class Action Suit News

More pointless litigation as US lawyers seek new ways to finance next month's car.

20 Dec 2006

BBC Report on Wii Strap Recall - WRONG News

A mere 0.001% of users have experienced problems

15 Dec 2006

Nintendo Says Granny Wants a Wii for Xmas News

Conflicting SPOnG research points up some issues...

13 Dec 2006

Wii:The Jury Feature

Nintendo's new baby in the dock

29 Nov 2006

Wii - Stealth Exercise and Tennis Elbow News

Lazy gamers report feeling muscles for first time in years

27 Nov 2006

Wii: Disc Issues and Interweb Hacks News

News on teething troubles and opportunistic hackers

27 Nov 2006

Wii UK Sampling Tour Kicks Off – Details Inside News

Welcome to the Wii house!

03 Nov 2006

Nintendo to Shift Four Million Wiis in Six Weeks News

From the November 19th US launch through to New Year’s Eve - somehow we mention a 1960s sexy-lady...

01 Nov 2006

Wii: First 31 Virtual Console Titles Announced News

Plus, final Euro launch line-up of new titles confirmed inside

01 Nov 2006

Nintendo Releases New Bunch of Wii Experience Vids News

Day One in the Wii House

26 Oct 2006

Wii – UK Roll Out Plans Detailed News

£18 million pre-Xmas marketing blitz for Wii and DS

23 Oct 2006

Wii for Europe: £179, 8th December News

Family fun, girls nights in and a blabbering blonde bombshell

15 Sep 2006

Japanese Wii Launch Announcement Coverage News

Wii Pricing, hardware, games all detailed. Finally.

14 Sep 2006

Wii Sports Preview

The Ultimate Xmas Party Game?

20 Jul 2006

Nintendo’s Lifestyle PR campaign falters in UK News

But it doesn’t matter, it's in a magazine nobody reads

20 Jul 2006

Wii out in September? Not happening Says Nintendo. News

Information on 'Best Wii Party Game Ever' inside.

07 Jul 2006

Miyamoto - wasn’t too sure about Wii News

Plus, hints at face-mapping functionality

24 May 2006

Miyamoto and Spielberg play Wii Sports News

Meanwhile, Moore gets interviewed by Space Ghost.

16 May 2006

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