Grand Theft Auto - PlayStation

Also known as: 'Race 'n' Chase (working title)'
Viewed: 2.5D Top-down, Multi-way scrolling
Genre: Adventure: Free Roaming / Combat Game

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1997's Grand Theft Auto Made 3D News

Original creator working on 3D version of first GTA title

17 Oct 2013

Filmed: How Grand Theft Auto was Nearly Canned News

GTA V might not have existed if it hadn't been for one brave team

16 Sep 2013

Grand Theft Auto Recognised at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London Press Release

Grand Theft Auto series has been selected for inclusion in the Victoria and Albert Museum's exhibition - British Design 1948–2012: Innovation in the Modern Age

04 Apr 2012

GTA V - Set in Los Santos - FACT News

GTA V gets an actual fact

03 Nov 2011

Exclusive: Video Games Violence Prof Slams Daily Mail and Metro for Biased Reporting News

"For one thing, we never said that in our paper" says academic

21 Sep 2011

Bad Science Distorts "Video Games Cause Violence" 'Study' News

University of Missouri Study makes non-connection

26 May 2011

USA: 'Ultra-Violent' and Sexual Game Ban Gets Majority Support News

Survey findings to be presented to Supreme Court.

14 Sep 2010

UK Politician Admits: No One Cares About Game Rating Labels News

Children's innocence slaughtered by... games.

25 Jan 2010

Yakuza Creator: I Wouldn't Want to Make GTA IV News

Games can be dangerous, see.

19 Oct 2009

Max Clifford Pimped Grand Theft Auto to Politicians News

The controversy was built-in from the start.

15 Jul 2009

GTA Playing Murderer Causes Prison Fuss News

And Mortal Kombat gets a look-in too.

11 Nov 2008

Porn, Dope, Assault, Booze, GTA IV = Prison News

Courts and media blame video game

10 Nov 2008

Jack Thompson Twists SPOnG Story in Murder Misquote News

Murder tragedy used by lawyer

16 May 2008

Murderer Tries GTA Mitigation to Avoid Execution News

Pol Pot probably played Donkey Kong.

14 May 2008

Halo 3: Jack Thompson Responds News

Meets argument with insult

25 May 2007

Rockstar: The Rise and Fall of a Dynasty News

Can GTA IV save the ailing publisher?

29 Mar 2007

Take-Two: Still No Buyer News

Boardroom problems continue

27 Mar 2007

Jack Thompson Cites SPOnG In Court Filing News

SPOnG - and competitors - accused of conspiring with Take-Two.

22 Mar 2007

Take 2: Blood In The Boardroom News

GTA publisher could be swallowed by aggressive investor group on PS3 launch day

07 Mar 2007

Killing Bosses Is Less Than Half The Story News

Producer tells SPOnG of influences, Halo 3 demo saga and more…

27 Feb 2007

Crackdown Producer Phil Wilson Interview

Cynical gamers; Halo3 demos, pride and maybe more to come...

27 Feb 2007

The Charts: A Final Fantasy! News

Despite fastest-selling console game of the year, sales are down…

26 Feb 2007

Crackdown (Xbox 360) Review

The Xbox 360’s first big-hitter of 2007

20 Feb 2007

Violent Video Game Documentary News

Moral Kombat seeks to explore gaming’s darker side

04 Jan 2007

British Videogames up for Design Awards News

GTA and Tomb Raider on Design Museum shortlist.

30 Jan 2006

MCV Industry Excellence Awards 2005 Winners Announced Press Release

Individuals within the UK computer and video games industry recognised for excellence.

08 Apr 2005

GTA for GBA This Autumn? News

Rockstar hints at release date.

09 Jun 2004

GTA Bomb Scare Scapegoat News

"There’s a bomb in the building!"

27 May 2004

Grand Theft Auto Stolen? News

Shock claims from Scottish designer.

19 Dec 2003

Capcom lost millions on Grand Theft Auto! News

Oof! Feeling the pinch of anti-violence gaming.

30 Sep 2003

Barbican Gallery Announces the first major UK Exhibition to Explore the History, Culture and Future of Computer Games. Press Release

Barbican is proud to announce Game On, the first major UK exhibition to explore the 40-year history of computer gaming (1962-2002 and beyond).

23 Nov 2001

What Jail is Really Like… News

Lara behind bars.

07 Sep 2001

Sold Out Gallups Ahead! Press Release

Budget powerhouse dominates latest PC charts.

28 May 2001

Asda Opts For Sold Out Press Release

Supermarket rolls out £4.99 range, more chains to follow.

13 Mar 2001

Grand Theft Auto 3 looks, errrm different News

Grand Theft Auto goes 3D while sticking two fingers up at everyone

06 Feb 2001

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