1997's Grand Theft Auto Made 3D

Original creator working on 3D version of first GTA title

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1997's Grand Theft Auto Made 3D
Have we all gotten over the tsunami that hit with GTA V's release? Perhaps you're spending your days robbing corner shops and outrunning the law with your crew in GTA Online? Well, there's a remake of the original GTA in 3D coming next.

That's right, the original creator of the first GTA title, Michael Dailly is currently working on recreating the game as a first person title in a 3D sandbox - Interesting huh?

He's using GameMaker Studio from his current employer, YoYo Games.

Check out the image accompanying this story for an example of how it'd look. You can keep up with Dailly's progress on Twitter. We're intrigued, are you?

Thanks, USGamer.


Garold 18 Oct 2013 05:52
GTA in 3D hmmmmmmmmm!!!!
Garold_2 21 Oct 2013 17:09
Its about the recreation, apparently you are unaware that it was 2D overhead view. Good on him for doing it, late, but still.
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