GTA Playing Murderer Causes Prison Fuss

And Mortal Kombat gets a look-in too.

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GTA Playing Murderer Causes Prison Fuss
According to the Scottish newspaper The Daily Record, "HEAD on the beach killer Aleksandras Skirda gets his kicks in jail by murdering prostitutes in a blood-soaked computer game."

Guess which one? Well, the subject of this story probably gives it away... but, yes, its an unnamed version of Grand Theft Auto. Not only that, but the "head on the beach killer",who knifed and then dismembered 35 year-old Lithuanian woman, Jolanta Bledaite, in Arbroath, also plays Mortal Kombat and Need for Speed Underground on his PlayStation.

The Record is appalled and disgusted and outraged, and quotes a 'jail insider' stating that, "He's happy as Larry now he's got his Playstation."

According to the Scottish Prison Service, that's about the only console he's allowed to buy and use. The SPS's Incentives And Privileges Scheme ruling on Game Consoles, it states: "No Nintendo DS, PSP or XBox 360 permitted".

This differs from the UK's HM Prison Service rulings (which we reported on in July this year). These state that, "3.3All games consoles and console games must be removed from other non-eligible prisoners, ie. prisoners on Standard level of IEP by 30 September 2008 at the latest. Further, all 18-rated console games must be removed from prisoners by 30 September 2008."

The fact that Skirda boasts about his family sending money over to buy things means, according to the newspaper that, "His arrogant attitude has made him a hate figure in Saughton and has already earned him a vicious beating from two young inmates."

So, not the fact that - as the anonymous prison source states, he "murdered a defenceless lassie. He is pure evil."

Still, it's a good excuse for The Record to (a) mention 'Head on the Beach Killer' and tie this, yet again irrelevantly, to a video game.


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Yeah esp with him playing NFS:Underground, the bastard!
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