Sold Out Gallups Ahead!

Budget powerhouse dominates latest PC charts.

Posted by Staff
The meteoric rise of superbudget publisher Sold Out continues apace as Gallup's chart figures shows its 4.99 titles occupy the top four positions in the PC Budget chart for the week ending April 28th.

Sold Out's 4.99 releases of Tomb Raider, Worms United, Vegas Games 2000 and Grand Theft Auto ,form the top four releases, confirming Sold Out as the leading light in PC budget software. Incredibly, however, Sold Out's dominance of the budget sector doesn't end there, with the London-based publisher also boasting an amazing SEVEN titles in the top ten, and a total of SIXTEEN within the top forty!

These figures mark a new high in the Sold Out success story. The firm prides itself on delivering the best PC games for the best possible prices, with an enviable line-up of titles such as Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and Championship Manager all released under the 4.99 label. The inclusion of the revolutionary .Now installation and online support software has also shown that consumers can expect superb service from Sold Out, with supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda quick to stock the 4.99 titles.

"This marks a great week for Sold Out," commented managing director Garry Williams. "It shows that our pledge to deliver quality titles for pocket money prices is gaining the recognition it deserves. Publishing the top four PC budget titles and also having seven titles in the top ten is no mean feat and means we have a 50% larger market share than our closest - and I use the word loosely - rivals."