Goichi Suda

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SUDA51: I Don't Mean to Offend When it Comes to Sexuality News

He is making a point, but through the medium of light-hearted jokes.

24 Jun 2013

SUDA51 - Yet Another Action Game - Could Be NextGen News

Could be current gen too.. it will have fighting.

05 Apr 2013

SUDA51 Announces New Project - Killer is Dead News

Follows from Killer7 and No More Heroes.

16 Jan 2013

SUDA 51 to Make a 'Dark Side 007' for Next Game News

Grasshopper Manufacture and Kadokawa Games team up on new game

04 Apr 2012

This Week on SPOnG: The Great Japanese Games Studio Tour - Part 1 News

Grasshopper Manufacture pluys previews of Lollipop Chainsaw, Black Knight Sword and Diabolical Pitch incoming.

28 Nov 2011

Inafune, Suda 51,Yuji Naka: Go Social Gaming News

Big games jumping from console to mobile

25 Jul 2011

Shadows of the Damned to Last 10 Hours News

No Move or Kinect support.

06 May 2011

SUDA51 Still Keen on No More Heroes Series News

Wants to make another one - just not yet.

31 Mar 2011

Kinect to See Japanese Core Gaming Boost News

No More Heroes creator, Panzer Dragoon director and Parappa creator all involved.

19 Nov 2010

Ex-Marvelous Producers Join No More Heroes Studio News

Got organisation?

14 Oct 2010

SUDA 51 Names Japan's Biggest Game Making Boozers News

...is unmoved by Move

17 Sep 2010

SUDA51 and Shinji Mikami Announce Shadows of the Damned News

Punk-rock, kicking ass and heavy metal soundtracks? No way!

15 Sep 2010

Suda51 Would Love to Work with Criterion on Burnout News

And he's looking forward to Need for Speed!

28 Aug 2010

SUDA51's New 3D Shoot'Em Up Outed News

Collaboration with DLC

19 Aug 2010

SUDA51 Wants No More Heroes Mini Games On DSi News

No More Heroes 2 designer had lots of fun making the 8-bit style missions.

05 Mar 2010

No More Heroes 2 Heading For April Release News

Rising Star Games will publish again.

11 Feb 2010

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Comp Confusion News

Suda wants a new t-shirt

26 Aug 2009

Suda: No More Heroes: We've Reached our Wii Limit News

Time for a new platform to sell the game

02 Jul 2009

Suda51 Using Unreal Engine for 'Action Horror' News

Resident Evil creator signed on

07 Oct 2008

Wii Games Not Selling says Killer-7 Creator News

Nintendo, no more a hero to Suda51?

17 Jan 2008

No More Heroes - Awesome Cosplay T'n'A News

Objectifying the female form? Or glorious porno-marketing?

13 Nov 2007

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