Shadows of the Damned to Last 10 Hours

No Move or Kinect support.

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Shadows of the Damned to Last 10 Hours
Those of you fearing that SUDA51's latest hell-raising blaster, Shadows of the Damned, may be a little on the short side need not worry. The designer has said that the game is likely to last around 10 hours.

"It depends on the degree of difficulty, probably about 10 hours," he told MeriStation. "Maybe more if you try to collect everything." So it's looking like a longer joyride than previous action games No More Heroes and its sequel.

Similarly, the rock and roll developer ruled out any implementation of PlayStation Move or Kinect features, stating that the peripherals' release dates "influenced" his decision. Perhaps he really doesn't want to have Travis compared to Garcia too much.

Via VG247


jackwade 6 May 2011 19:38
oh, for some reason I thought this was for kinect. I'll have to give it another look now that I know otherwise.
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