Ken Kutaragi

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'Father of PlayStation' Finds New Job at Marvelous AQL News

Will join the board at the end of June.

10 May 2013

Sony PS4 - Biggest PlayStation Launch Line-Up News

Loads of software based on system familiarity

24 Apr 2013

Father of PlayStation Sets Up Entertainment Firm News

Ken Kutaragi goes for AI

11 Nov 2009

Father Of Sony PlayStation Gets Lifetime Award News

Just when you thought that everybody had forgotten our Ken.

27 Nov 2007

Father Of PlayStation "Working With A Wider World" - Nintendo? No Way News

Ken Kutaragi spills beans on PS4, 5 and 6

01 May 2007

Ken Kutaragi Set to Retire in June News

SPOnG pays our respects to the father of PlayStation

26 Apr 2007

Miyamoto More Influential Than George Bush News

Nintendo guru currently Number 2 in Time 100 polls

24 Apr 2007

Sony CEO Stringer Slams Father Of Playstation As 'Renegade" News

Stringer blasts Kutaragi

06 Mar 2007

Kutaragi To Head New Sony and Namco Company News

Father of the PlayStation to oversee new audio and video content for PS3 processor venture

24 Jan 2007

Iwata Picks Up Award For 'Most Influential Videogame Executive' News

With Sony's Ken Kutaragi a close second!

03 Jan 2007

Father of PlayStation Replaced News

Ken Kutaragi is replaced by Kaz Hirai and his "strong leadership skills".

30 Nov 2006

Sony Japan Slashes Price of PS3 News

In Japan, but not in US or Europe

22 Sep 2006

Kutaragi: Sony's Strength in Hardware in Decline News

Shocking honesty from the Sony man

11 Sep 2006

PlayStation 3 Launch Shipments Slashed News

Europe spared scramble for botched manufacture scraps.

07 Sep 2006

Kutaragi to Keynote TGS. PlayStation 3 Wow-Factor Expected News

Last chance to win pre-release sceptics...

20 Jul 2006

PlayStation 3 Online Backs Away From Live News

Looks like Live, but lower cost?

13 Jun 2006

Ken Kutaragi - PS3 Hardware Upgrade Possible News

An about-turn in Sony's strategy?

08 Jun 2006

Kutaragi: PlayStation 3 is Too Cheap News

$600 way under mark says Sony boss.

12 May 2006

PSOne Emulator for PSP – Massive Back Catalogue Looms News

Kutaragi confirms 32-Bit renaissance

17 Mar 2006

PSP Video Calls on the Cards News

Plus GPS and e-distribution announced.

15 Mar 2006

PS3 worldwide ship in November 2006 News

Full report from PlayStation Business Briefing 2006

15 Mar 2006

Kutaragi PS3 Announcement Tomorrow News

At the PlayStation Business Briefing 2006

14 Mar 2006

Kutaragi refutes $1 billion PlayStation 3 hole will bring SCE to its knees News

Analysts warn of pre-marketing $100 unit loss lead...

19 Dec 2005

PlayStation 4 Dated News

To nearest decade at least...

15 Nov 2005

Kuturagi Enables Claim Mode Again News

PlayStation man won't be happy till he's got 240 frames per second.

31 Oct 2005

PlayStation 3 PC Convergence Continues News

Keyboard and mouse support confirmed.

02 Sep 2005

PlayStation 3xpensive Playable at TGS News

First hands-on looms as pricing fears mount.

27 Jul 2005

Kutaragi: “What will in fact enter the home is a Cell-based computer” News

SCE show complete transparency on PlayStation 3 planning.

19 Jul 2005

PlayStation 3 to Retail at $400 – Production Costs Almost $500 News

Analysts predict massive losses for SCE.

29 Jun 2005

Penguin-powered PlayStation 3 – No Hard Disk Bundled News

Linux as standard with next-gen Sony console's HD

13 Jun 2005

Sony Boss Slams Microsoft News

Kutaragi-san in all guns blazing shocker.

01 Jun 2005

Sony plays anti-PR card again in new generation. Aims to dismiss Xbox 360 News

Market leader risks all on brand awareness and a forgetful public

26 May 2005

British Exec Touted for Sony Lead News

Stringer set to take reins.

07 Mar 2005

Sony to Offer PSP Button Defect Recall News

Full explanation of sticky button syndrome inside.

22 Feb 2005

Sony Boss Unrepentant as PSP Build Quality Issues Flare News

Returned stock not an issue says Kutaragi-san.

25 Jan 2005

Kutaragi Laments Sony’s Lack of PlayStation Vision News

Music and movie divisions targeted.

24 Jan 2005

What’s Better Than Half a Million PSP Consoles? News

Two million, of course! SCE ups production.

20 Jan 2005

Kutaragi-san makes PSP battery climb-down News

Quoted times come with several disclaimers

02 Nov 2004

Kutaragi speaks on PSP’s loss-leading price point News

"how [Sony] set a price that's just right to hit a sweet spot"

27 Oct 2004

PSTwo: Speculative Details Emerging, Official Confirmation Expected Next Tuesday News

Analysts suggest what's what, Kutaragi to respond next week

17 Sep 2004

PS3 Will be Exhibited at E3 2005 Says Kuturagi News

SCE bigwig confirms new hardware unveiling.

12 Jul 2004

Ken Kutaragi Makes Interesting PSP Play Prediction News

Portable for home use vision envisaged.

24 May 2004

The Microsoft Masterplan - Xbox Truth Emerges - Kutaragi-mocking Shocks Industry News

The unstoppable media-converged communication tool trundles on.

13 May 2004

Playstation 3 for E3 - Cell Processor Ready by March 2004 News

Sony and Toshiba announce predicted milestone

12 Dec 2003

PSP camera and mobile phone action confirmed! News

Edging back towards its 'magic-over-fact' stance, SCE makes fresh claim.

02 Sep 2003

PlayStation Conference tonight? News

Or tomorrow morning in Japan… Whatever.

29 Jul 2003

Kutaragi the maverick News

Old guard sceptical of PlayStation father

10 Jul 2003

CELL Processor demos this year – PS3 for E3 2004? News

Kutaragi makes fresh promises.

23 Jun 2003

Kutaragi points towards high-powered, low-priced PSP News

Comments indicate a machine closer to PS2.

17 Jun 2003

Just how far away is PlayStation 3? Another $1.7 billion in CELL research pledged by Kutaragi News

As Microsoft browses off the shelf processors, Sony turns to alchemy.

02 Jun 2003

Kutaragi extreme! PSX and PSP in-depth News

Yesterday’s conference shows Sony’s dream.

29 May 2003

PSX details: Hard drive, Memory Stick, DVD burn and more News

Possibly the best looking thing ever, ever.

28 May 2003

But...but, I've only just Bought a PlayStation 2! News

More reactionary PlayStation 3 talk from Sony chief.

01 May 2003

PlayStation 3 media hub concept forms as Kutaragi moves up News

PlayStation godfather to merge SCE with movies, music and more.

01 May 2003

What happened to my Cell mate? News

Shock PS3 news crushes internet speculation of past

22 Apr 2003

Games make up a third of Sony News

Massive profit shown as PlayStation proves Christmas winner

29 Jan 2003

Kutaragi admits fear of global slump News

SCE big boss man makes interesting comments.

14 Aug 2002

Playstation 2 Processor Shrink-down Looms? News

New PS2 plans cast doubt on PS3's E.T.A.

28 Apr 2002

Sony Boss to Block GameCube Final Fantasy? News

Rumour is that Sony is seriously considering blocking the Final Fantasy game currently underway for GameCube.

22 Mar 2002

Sony President on PlayStation 2 Broadband News

A taste of things to come.

15 Feb 2002

PlayStation 2 broadband online plans finally revealed! News

At last, PlayStation BB is a reality.

14 Feb 2002

Sony and Square Bigwigs comment on deal. Take a deep breath and read on News

Full update from Tokyo inside. Do not miss!

10 Oct 2001

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