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Jeff Minter Not Giving Up News

Phew! Just giving up blogging rants…

23 Nov 2007

Jeff Minter Ready To Quit Games? News

Space Giraffe Creator despairs over games industry

22 Nov 2007

Space Giraffe Hits Tomorrow: Minter Strikes Back News

Reviewer slammed

21 Aug 2007

Track & Field Leaps Onto Xbox LIVE Arcade Tomorrow News

Get ready to destroy those controller buttons!

07 Aug 2007

Space Giraffe Creator On Wii News

Yup, it's a Minter Alert!

05 Apr 2007

GDC Day One: Minter Calls Microsoft Crap + PLUS Indie Game Awards News

Day one of the Games Developers Conference - our intrepid reporter smells fear...

06 Mar 2007

Minter Alert! Latest Space Giraffe Details Inside News

Famed crazies’ new XBLA game

07 Feb 2007

Minter Alert! Space Giraffe Status Report News

Jeff Minter spills some beans

09 Jan 2007

Jeff Minter jumps Aboard the Anti-Sony Bandwagon News

And Mr Biffo sticks his oar in too.

07 Jul 2006

Consolevania + Jeff Minter = Genius News

Cult show acquires Hover Bovver film rights.

10 Apr 2006

Another stunning Molyneux climb-down – Minter's Unity is canned! News

UK legends fail badly to make good on latest brilliance claims

10 Dec 2004

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