Minter Alert! Space Giraffe Status Report

Jeff Minter spills some beans

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Nope, there's nothing wrong wit your eyes. It's a game...
Nope, there's nothing wrong wit your eyes. It's a game...
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Jeff Minter has kicked off 2007 with some choice words on the status of Space Giraffe. The Llamasoft Xbox Live title, highly anticipated by his legion (well, group) of adoring fans, is well underway. Reading between the lines gamers should probably expect a late spring release.

On his blog Minter writes:

'For me the next month is about actually defining the bulk of the game. The engine is built now and works well... The fundamentals of the gameplay mechanic are in and do what they should. I'm just now putting in lives and Game Over, and when that's in we have a framework in which it is possible to start a game, play, get bonuses, die, and end the game.'

He goes on to get into the nitty-gritty of where he's at, stating:

On Monday we'll have a merge with Giles' stuff, which is all about managing achievements, creating hi-scores, and doing all the necessary stuff that needs doing to function as an Xbox Live Arcade title. With all those things together we'll have a fully functional game framework, and my job then will be to flesh it all out with the levels that will make up the whole game.

Space Giraffe's shaping up to be classic Minter - a somewhat trippy-looking affair ablaze with neon spacey-ness that escapes any attempt at categorisation.

So rather than trying to describe it to you it's probably best if you just take a look at the screens below courtesy of the blog (warning - they contain rude words!).


king skins 10 Jan 2007 10:46
pitty he'll have to edit the text before release :(

Metropolis Street Racer on the DC used to popup C**T!! every time I hit a barrier :) More games should allow you to edit the text and then share it with your mates :)
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