PlayStation Home - PS3

Also known as: 'Home'
Viewed: 3D Combination
Genre: Simulation

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PlayStation Home News - Wut!? News

That's right, the new love for Playstation may breathe new life into Home

11 Mar 2014

PlayStation Home is Dead in Asia News

No more updates for the failed experiment

30 Aug 2013

PS Vita Gets Free PlayStation Home Arcade Application News

Frogger, Asteroids and more.

06 Feb 2013

Video: First Free-to-Play RPG in PlayStation Home News

Sony adding to its F2P line-up

14 Aug 2012

PlayStation Home to Get Free-to-Play Shooter This Week News

No Man's Land will launch after scheduled PSN maintenance.

25 Jul 2012

PlayStation Home Updated - Gets Shooting - Live Now News

PlayStation Home gets a number of new zones and a new look

03 Nov 2011

Welcome to the New Design of PlayStation Home Press Release

Welcome to the New Design of PlayStation(R)Home Our biggest social gaming platform has been changed with a new look and a world of free games and content available for users in PAL regions

03 Nov 2011

New Update for PlayStation Home: Prepare for Excitement News

OK, perhaps not all that exciting.

29 Sep 2011

PlayStation Home Users "the Most Hardcore" on PS3 News

'Rabid consumers'

01 Jul 2011

Playstation Home Users are "The Hardcore of the Hardcore" News

Lots of developers on it too.

24 Feb 2011

PlayStation Home Focuses on Games as 'Killer Apps' News

Service has seen 'significant revenue growth' from microtransactions.

22 Dec 2010

Sony Teams Up With Indie Games Label for Home News

Will take advantage of the Central Plaza space for social times.

20 Jul 2010

Sony: PlayStation Home Is Profitable News

Company still considers it a success.

02 Jul 2010

PlayStation Home To Come Out Of Beta This Year News

So says key developer in Dundee.

27 May 2010

PlayStation Home Gets First Real Retailer News

As Blockbuster goes up for sale

15 Mar 2010

PlayStation Home Gets Version Update - Tomorrow News

Version 1.35 coming

10 Mar 2010

PlayStation Home is 'Freemium' News

Sony latches on to trendy term.

23 Feb 2010

PlayStation Home Gets TV Show - Not Big Brother News

Community news and updates from SCEE.

05 Jan 2010

UPDATED: Did 1 Million Users Make PlayStation Home in the Last Week? News

Plus: new Uncharted 2 and Ratchet & Clank spaces

18 Dec 2009

PlayStation Home European Sodium One Break-Down News

It's all detailed here...

17 Dec 2009

PlayStation Home Gets MMO Starts 'Virtual Goods Business' News

Sodium One comes to liven up home

17 Dec 2009

PlayStation Home: Get Your Tree House, Meet Santa News

Plus: new MotorStorm space, flashing light hats

09 Dec 2009

PlayStation Home - a Failed Experiment? News

No longer a priority for Sony

29 Oct 2009

PlayStation Home Universal Game Launching Arrives News

Plus there's cake.

01 Oct 2009

Launch Any Game from PlayStation Home News

Plus: shopping gets more real life

20 Aug 2009

PS3 Home: 85% or 30% of Users Return - Confusion! News

How many users make 5 ... or 12 ... or 2

15 Jul 2009

Exclusive: PS3 Motion Control for Home Will Happen News

But: not in development just yet

29 Jun 2009

More Killzone 2 Apartment Furniture for PlayStation Home News

Scary stuff apparently

24 Jun 2009

Get Your FREE inFamous Home T Right Here Feature

Just send us an email

27 May 2009

Get Your FREE inFamous Home T Right Here News

Free, all you have to do is send the right email to the right SPOnG address.

22 May 2009

PlayStation Europe: Honest Home Admission News

European Home is behind the rest

13 May 2009

Warhawk Space Opens in Home Nibble

26 Feb 2009

Pets, Streaming Mini-Games for PlayStation Home? News

For the USA at least

13 Feb 2009

Ninjas Join Street Fighter Costumes in Home News

Capcom goes Home friendly

11 Feb 2009

Idol Hope: Sony PSP to Home Connectivity News

A glimmer of hope twinkles...

10 Feb 2009

Sony Shows off Home Supporters News

24 corporates agree to come home

09 Feb 2009

PlayStation Home Patch - Helping You to Exclude News

Exclude people from games!

06 Feb 2009

Sony Offers Money to PlayStation Home Users News

Hong Kong gamers to benefit.

14 Jan 2009

EA Sports Support for PlayStation Home News

Aiding the digitisation of EA Sports business.

09 Jan 2009

PlayStation Home: Full of Red Bull News

Flying tonight...

08 Jan 2009

PlayStation 2 Most Played in 2008 News

Xbox not Xbox 360 tops PS3

02 Jan 2009

PlayStation Home: Sales Stats No Figures News

And Home is making money... apparently

23 Dec 2008

PlayStation Home: Voice in Private News

Nation can speak unto nation... at home.

22 Dec 2008

PlayStation Home Update Downdates News

Voice chat not the only thing lost

19 Dec 2008

Sony Removes Voice Chat from Home News

No more Sweary Marys

18 Dec 2008

PS3 Home: Flying Couch GTA Homage? News

It's a bug's life

18 Dec 2008

Sony Won't Comment on Home Hack News

Telegraph bigs it up

16 Dec 2008

Home Open Beta Hits a Snag News

Technical problems could delay launch

11 Dec 2008

Microsoft: More on Wii Competing News

And Home sucks.

11 Dec 2008

PlayStation Opens Home for Holidays News

Open beta to launch tomorrow!

10 Dec 2008

PlayStation Home Mall Opens Doors News

New ways to spend in Home now...

04 Dec 2008

Protests in PlayStation Home News

Users up in arms

01 Dec 2008

Sony Home Open Beta 34-Day Countdown News

Definitely by the end of the year

27 Nov 2008

PlayStation Home Beta Updated News

For those lucky enough to get it

27 Nov 2008

Official: Autumn for PlayStation Home Far Eastern News

Closed beta hitting the region soon

28 Aug 2008

More PlayStation Home Beta Screens News

And email...

15 Aug 2008

US PlayStation Blog Announces European Home Beta Plan News

North American Beta opens out with Theme.

08 Aug 2008

SPOnG's Top 20 Reader Voted Games: July 25th News

A SNES game? What are you all thinking?

25 Jul 2008

Is Sony Softening Us Up for Further Home Delay? News

Launch date "doesn't matter"

24 Jul 2008

Sony: “Fully Robust” Home Still On Track News

PS3 owners still get to head Home in Autumn

04 Jul 2008

'Media and Events Space' for PlayStation Home Unveiled News

Video footage right here

27 May 2008

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