Haze - Xbox 360

Viewed: 3D First-person
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up

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23 Apr 2008

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Putting our nectar on the line for Freedom!

03 Apr 2008

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But just how dated?

27 Mar 2008

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Ubisoft gives 360 and PC owners a Hazey hope

20 Mar 2008

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Pull out your hankies

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Still PS3 exclusive

26 Feb 2008

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Official announcement coming soon...

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Haze sooner rather than later

29 Jan 2008

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21 Nov 2007

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Beowulf on PSP drops back

13 Nov 2007

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Friday-based fun with Free Radical

09 Nov 2007

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This coming Saturday

22 Oct 2007

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Probably best not to try this at home

01 Oct 2007

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03 Sep 2007

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22 Aug 2007

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So, this is what Nectar does to you...

17 Aug 2007

Haze: Rob Yescombe, Screen Writer, Derek Littlewood, Project Leader Interview

Sex, drugs and warfare. Except for the sex.

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What if...

12 Jul 2007

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09 Jul 2007

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PLUS: Free Radical director speaks

13 Jun 2007

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The addict's guide to corporate take-overs

25 May 2007

Surf’s Up - Latest Gameplay Video News

It’s a penguin in an arcade surfboard racer. Surely a winner? No.

24 May 2007

New Haze Videos: In Game Video Right Here! News

Shadowy corporation infiltrates SPOnG

24 May 2007

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WARNING: It's like a European rave in here

23 May 2007

Ubisoft to Announce PlayStation 3 Exclusive News

Plus, Rayman Raving Rabbids Sequel news leaked

21 May 2007

Free Radical's Haze - Teaser Trailer Inside News

The Haze-y PR tease begins

10 May 2007

Free Radical's Haze - Shady Undercover Website Unearthed News

Wow! Viral marketing that's good. There's a thing!

20 Apr 2007

Free Radical Gong of Terror at Game City News

Win a job with TimeSplitters developers next week.

17 Oct 2006

New Free Radical FPS – First Details News

Timesplitters creators in E3 Haze.

12 May 2006

Ubisoft And Free Radical Launch New Video Game Franchize: Haze Press Release

FPS title from shooter hit-makers to debut at E3 2006

10 May 2006

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