Free Radical’s Timesplitters 4 – First Details

Videogames satire instead of movie satire this time around

Posted by Staff
SPOnG loves Free Radical’s Timesplitters’ series so we’re pretty pumped to hear that Timesplitters 4 (the follow up to 2005's Timesplitters: Future Perfect - pictured) is definitely in development according to Free Radical’s rambunctious scriptwriter Rob Yescombe.

Yescombe told an interviewer that, "In the past TimeSplitters has been very satirical at the expense of movies… this time it will be satirical at the expense of videogames."

SPOnG has contacted Free Radical today to find out more, but in the meantime of course we have the team’s mighty Haze to look forward to later this year, in which we can pretend to take on a military global mega-corp while high on a new drug called ‘Nectar’.

Guns, drugs and well-scripted sci-fi shooter games. The perfect antidote to the Christmas blues in 2007! (If you have a PS3 that is, as PC and 360 gamers will have to wait till early 08 to see Haze).


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