Haze Four Player Co-Op ? Screens

Morally ambiguous and massively ambitious

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SPOnG has kept you more than adequately updated on Ubisoft?s forthcoming shooter, Haze - the next major title from the Goldeneye and Timesplitter?s guys over at Free Radical Design.

Let us remind you, by way of this latest bunch of screens (below), that Haze is set to feature four-player co-op action, in which you can choose to play on the side of the game's Mantel Corporation faction or the Rebel faction. We?re not clear which ones are the goodies and baddies, which we think is kind of the point of this videogame.

If you wish to learn more then you can head over to SPOnG?s dedicated Haze game page.

We also urge you to check out our recent interviews with Free Radical's very own comedy pairing of scriptwriter Rob Yescombe and Project Leader, Derek Littlewood.


DoctorDee 23 Aug 2007 07:50
That looks fabulously groovy. I can't wait to play it. And it's good that they are working with the Co-op, because they've just been voted the UK's most ethical brand. I still miss the dividend stamps though.

Oh, the kettle's boiling...

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