Crysis - PC

Viewed: 3D First-person
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up

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Crysis Console Release Date Revealed News

Take on the alien horde from October 4th

26 Sep 2011

Crysis Comes To Consoles - and It's Sooner Than You Think News

The legend finally ambles on to your telly

09 Sep 2011

Crytek Almost Became a Microsoft First-Party Studio News

Microsoft approached the studio years ago.

05 Jul 2011

The Inevitability of Crysis on Console News

Differences from PC left hanging

11 Jun 2009

Crysis 2 Shooting onto Console News

First game to use Crytek's latest engine

01 Jun 2009

Crysis Warhead Gets Steamed News

Original makes it onto Valve online platform

18 Sep 2008

Crysis Warhead Detailed News

New Crytek title to be PC exclusive

05 Jun 2008

Crysis: Warhead Revealed News

Offically website wise that is...

05 Jun 2008

Crysis! Piracy Parts Crytek from PC Development News

Plus: is Microsoft doing enough with Games for Windows?

01 May 2008

The Charts: Mario Versus The Assassin News

It's all a bit of a Crysis

20 Nov 2007

Crysis Demo Out Now News

Get your shoot on

29 Oct 2007

Crysis: Full System Requirements Revealed News

Crytek gunning for the future

10 Oct 2007

Crysis Beta – Get Involved News

Public beta opens real soon

13 Sep 2007

Crysis: Spinning The Story Further Q&A

Designer Alex Werner chats about influences and future of Crysis.

04 Sep 2007

A November Crysis News

EA shooter console-bound?

02 Aug 2007

‘Glastonbury of Gaming’ Hits UK in August News

Massive New Consumer Gaming Expo. On a racecourse!

23 Jul 2007

Neanderthal Mob Hits Future Brooklyn News

In new CryENGINE 2-powered FPS

04 Jul 2007

World in Conflict – NATO Trailer Here! News

PC Strategy Game of the Year? See for yourself.

09 May 2007

Microsoft is Not Scared of Commitment News

News from Games for Windows shindig in London

16 Mar 2007

GDC 2007 Preview: Latest News from Epic, Crytek and More News

Plus, Video Games Live 'crescendo finale'

20 Feb 2007

Robbie Bach Talks ‘Live on Windows’ News

More from Microsoft’s CES showing in Vegas

08 Jan 2007

Crysis – More Real Than Reality Itself? News

Hair-on-the-back-of-your-neck-raising wondrousness as EA's Crysis looks hot

19 Oct 2006

Electronic Arts E3 Line-up News

Spore, Crysis, C&C3 plus loads more.

05 May 2006

Crysis – Stunning Game Engine Trailer News

Far Cry developers push the PC envelope.

29 Mar 2006

EA and Crytek announce development of Crysis Press Release

Award-winning studio to create original shooter franchise for PC.

30 Jan 2006

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