Console Crysis Price Revealed and It's Not Cheap

Posted by Staff
It had better be worth it.
It had better be worth it.
As revealed earlier today, not only is Crysis coming to consoles this October but we've since discovered that the game that made a million PC owners weep will be available through download only.

Coming in at 1600 Microsoft Points or US$19.99 (no confirmation on the UK PSN price yet, sorry), gamers will be able to pick up an all new version of the game that has been enhanced and modified for console play. This is only the single-player campaign, however no multiplayer aspects have been mentioned as yet.

We're intrigued to see just how "enhanced and modified" the console takes of Crysis will end up being as we take on the alien horde in some of the prettiest environments gaming has ever produced. Be sure to check out our review when we get our hands on it!


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