Return To Castle Wolfenstein - PC

Viewed: 3D First-person
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up

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But he won't be appearing in the new game

19 Jun 2009

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Where the hell is... bah, never mind

03 Aug 2007

Activision Licenses Classic id Shooter, Wolfenstein 3-D® Press Release

Gray Matter Interactive Studios Set to Develop New Wolfenstein Game Using Quake III Arena Engine.

06 Feb 2003

Gathering of the Clans Press Release

Intel Masters Showcases Sport of the 21st Century

02 Jan 2003

GameCube Wolfenstein revealed! News

Seminal FPS remake heads to ‘Cube.

20 Dec 2002

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Intel Masters 2002 - UK's biggest ever professional computer gaming spectacular.

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BTopenworld announces its intention to sponsor the UK's biggest LAN computer games event, i10, taking place March 29 - April 1 at Newbury racecourse.

15 Feb 2002

Wolfenstein confirmed for Xbox and PlayStation 2! News

Activision has confirmed that it will be releasing versions of the acclaimed FPS sequel Return to Castle Wolfenstein for both PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

21 Jan 2002

Free trial of Return to Castle Wolfenstein released News

Single player demo released

18 Dec 2001

Many Happy Returns Press Release

Blueyonder multiplayer gaming welcomes Return to Castle Wolfenstein with its first ever ‘credit-free weekend’.

10 Dec 2001

Wolfenstein for PS2 in progress as id goes massively over budget News

id in trouble as Wolfenstein costs a truckload of cash

05 Oct 2001

Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer details emerge News

id plan on making the ultimate WWII FPS with ambitious multiplayer plans

08 Aug 2001

Wolfenstein Returns... News Return To Castle Wolfenstein. Well, what did you expect it to be called?

21 May 2001

Activision Licenses Classic ID Shooter, Wolfenstein 3-D Press Release

Gray Matter Interactive Studios set to develop new Wolfenstein game using Quake III Arena Engine.

20 Jul 2000

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