Wolfenstein for PS2 in progress as id goes massively over budget

id in trouble as Wolfenstein costs a truckload of cash

Posted by Staff
It is rumoured that Raster Productions, the development team behind Quake 3 for Dreamcast, is working on a PlayStation 2 version of Return To Castle Wolfenstein. No one at id, Activision or Raster was willing to comment today.

Meanwhile in other news, the PC version of Wolfenstein has smashed its budget, already costing over $9 million to produce. Activision, provider of funds for the latest id shooter, will run the full price version as a loss leader and exercise in market positioning. Well thatís one way to look at it.

There are also reports of internal problems at id with staff members leaving the company. It is alleged that at one point there were only two coders working on the game. There is even doubt as to whether it will even get released.

We will keep you updated on the situation.


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