Wolfenstein Film Director: Game Adaptations “An Uphill Climb”

He 'responds to crazy'

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Wolfenstein Film Director: Game Adaptations “An Uphill Climb”
Roger Avary, the writer and director of the upcoming Return to Castle Wolfenstein movie, has spoken out about the trials and tribulations faced by film makers adapting games properties to the silver screen.

Speaking about fans who moan that film adaptations always fall short of their source materiel, Avary said,

“The reason people say that is because they develop a proprietary relationship with the avatar they're playing. They control the moves, they navigate the universe, they become the character themselves -- and it's difficult and frustrating for them to relinquish that control over to a third party. Also, it should be said that the writing and acting in most videogames isn't stellar to begin with, so it's a bit of an uphill climb to perform an adaptation that both lives up to people's expectations and improves on the original's deficiencies.”

No mention of the fact that game spinoffs are often shameless cash-ins aimed at making easy money off the back of the game's success.

Still, if Avary's Silent Hill movie is anything to go by, the director should at least capture the spirit of the game.

Speaking about the Wolfenstein film directly, Avary said, “It's a WWII "guys on a mission" movie, which means you're going to be blowing shit up, storming bunkers, busting dams, derailing trains, and killing Nazi's. I love WWII films, but with Wolfenstein we get the creature effects as well, and the guys at id Software have already done all the heavy lifting for me in that department. They went to the imagination well and pulled up buckets of craziness -- and as you know, I respond to crazy.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a very specific kind of adventure, and my intent is to make an experience that's true to the franchise and very different from my other work as a director”, Avary added.

You can find out more about Return to Castle Wolfenstein (the game) on SPOnG's dedicated page.

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