Many Happy Returns

Blueyonder multiplayer gaming welcomes Return to Castle Wolfenstein with its first ever ‘credit-free weekend’.

Posted by Staff
Many Happy Returns
From December 14th to 16th Telewest Broadband’s blueyonder multiplayer gaming service will be the only place to be for fans of Activision’s Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW), as that’s the game which has been chosen for the service’s first-ever credit-free weekend promotion, the ‘Wolf Weekender’.

From 6.00pm on Friday December 14th until midnight on Sunday December 16th, RTCW players will be invited to use the blueyonder multiplayer gaming service completely free of charge. Via the website ( RTCW players will be able to take advantage of advanced functions such as the ability to book, launch and configure servers for their team, or to launch a server for general public use in seconds without any charge. To cope with the huge expected demand, the blueyonder multiplayer gaming service will boast more than 70 servers dedicated solely to the World War II 3D shoot ‘em up.

“Anyone who has played Return to Castle Wolfenstein online will know the extra dimension that the team game brings to its gameplay,” says Tom Cotter, head of games for Telewest Broadband. “We are making the advanced functions of our gaming service available to all in celebration of a truly great game. We thought that throwing our doors open for the weekend would allow all of those people who have bought the game in its first two weeks to get online and see both our service and the game in all their glory.”

Return to Castle Wolfenstein, developed by id Software, has been lauded by the specialist games media – particularly for its multiplayer game. In fact, Gamespot UK described the game as being “…well worth buying for the multiplayer game alone”.

Over the course of the Wolf Weekender, blueyonder will host the UK’s first RTCW tournament. During that and the rest of the weekend, players will be eligible to win a range of prizes (including free credits for use on the service outside the free weekend). In addition, players who join in the action will also find that they are eligible for a special half-price installation deal on Telewest’s broadband’s blueyonder, the internet service that’s nearly 10 times faster, for super-low ping rates. Players can take advantage of this deal by calling 0800 953 0417, or visiting throughout the weekend.

Telewest Broadband’s blueyonder multiplayer gaming service can be accessed at