Play games, win cash!

£25,000 to be precise!

Posted by Staff
Play games, win cash!
Intel has announced a new tournament to be held at Londonís Science Museum in which PC gamers will be taking part in a huge clan-based cash give away.

With a prize fund totalling £25,000, games at this veritable cyber-Olympics include Counter Strike, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Warcraft III. Furthermore, the whole event will be screened for up to 400 spectators on the LSMís whopping great IMAX screen and be presented by Red Dwarfís very own Chris Barrie.

It will also be a good chance to see just how well Intelís Pentium 4 3.06 MHz processor handles hardcore gaming.

So if you fancy it, drop in to the IMAX cinema, doors from 10.00 AM onwards, on December 21, but only if youíre over 15. If youíre under 15, take an educational trip around the museum. We hear itís very interesting.


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