Wolfenstein Returns...

...in Return To Castle Wolfenstein. Well, what did you expect it to be called?

Posted by Staff
Activision's Return to Castle Wolfenstein for PC was without doubt unrivalled on the show floor. Running on the latest nVidia card, it has full EVERYTHING! The Nazi symbols that caused so much trouble for the original game are left intact. Though texturally stunning, the environment seems pretty bland, as the game is set in a big grey castle. Wolfenstein runs on the Quake 3 engine.

Activision constructed a massive castle in the show hall and filled it with those special girls, the ones chosen for their intellect alone, that frequent such events. Another case of mixing sexual imagery with graphic violence, this time with a bit of Nazism thrown in for good measure. Controversial, yes, but if it means pulling a crowd, the job's done.


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