Wolfenstein confirmed for Xbox and PlayStation 2!

Activision has confirmed that it will be releasing versions of the acclaimed FPS sequel Return to Castle Wolfenstein for both PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

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Wolfenstein confirmed for Xbox and PlayStation 2!
The console versions will have improved AI over the PC version and contain all its maps, as well as several new environments for single and multi-player.

“Return to Castle Wolfenstein has quickly become the most critically acclaimed and widely played action shooter of 2001, and we're thrilled to bring the Wolfenstein experience to a new generation of gamers", Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software said. "We're working with Raster on a number of technical and design modifications that will provide Xbox and PlayStation 2 owners a definitive gaming experience that is designed and built for their systems.”

It has been confirmed that the Xbox version will have online play, but Activision and id have said nothing about the possibilities of putting the PS2 online. Annoyingly, neither company has addressed the possibility of cross-platform online support, a feature that would be relatively easy to implement between Xbox and PC.

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