Shenmue - Dreamcast

Viewed: 3D Third-person, over the shoulder
Genre: Adventure: Role Playing / Beat 'Em Up / Simulation

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Suzuki to Kickstart Shenmue III News

That's the intention now that SEGA has lost rights to the IP

21 Mar 2014

No More Shenmue from SEGA? News

Company loses rights to name after letting use lapse

19 Feb 2014

Yu Suzuki: We Can Obtain Shenmue License from SEGA News

Still intent on making a third game in epic series.

04 Jan 2012

Yu Suzuki Calls Time on Shenmue World News

Mobile phone spinoff now rests with the Hall of Constant Shenmue 3 Calls.

03 Jan 2012

Yu Suzuki Wants Shenmue Town on iPhone, Android News

But where's Shenmue Thr-- *killed*

01 Mar 2011

Yu Suzuki Hopes to Complete Shenmue Series News

Shenmue City could open dojo doors.

16 Nov 2010

New Shenmue! For Phones Though News

At long last, a new Shenmue title

07 Oct 2010

Rumour: Jet Set Radio and Shenmue Heading For Xbox 360 News

Leaked images show Dreamcast classics in Live Arcade.

27 Apr 2010

Ryo Hazuki Playable in Sonic And Sega All-Stars Racing News

Awesome news is awesome.

07 Oct 2009

Sega Shock - Shenmue Online revealed! News

Yu Suzuki's legendary RPG goes online in Asian territories.

03 Aug 2004

ELSPA and CVG Reveal Your Top 30 Games From the Last 30 Years News

No real surprises here - strong Nintendo and Sega presence confirms PlayStation generation hasn't got it sewn up yet.

05 Dec 2003

Shenmue III shows Sega's newfound cunning News

Fan letters mix with AM-2 newsletters as Suzuki manages hype

22 Jul 2003

Sega Console price hits Rock Bottom News

The last Dreamcasts at less than 50 dollars a pop in the US.

21 Nov 2001

Shenmue to remain Dreamcast exclusive News

The game is too specialised to move platform. Straight from the horses mouth.

01 Aug 2001

Shenmue Shows it’s all About Culture. Innit! News

Showy Shenmue racks up a new accolade

13 Mar 2001

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