No More Shenmue from SEGA?

Company loses rights to name after letting use lapse

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No More Shenmue from SEGA?
One of the reasons that companies often protect their brands so savagely in the courts is that they want to hang onto those brands. Not protecting a brand that someone else goes on to use (say, the word Candy in a game) can lead you to losing it. Another way is the SEGA way...

Apparently SEGA has now lost ownership of the Shenmue trademark in the USA due, basically, to not making any use of it - a fact very familiar to fans of the Dreamcast classic. Lawyers are already sharpening their quill to contest this though.

DualShockers take up the tale thus:

"the trademark for “Shenmue” has recently been canceled in the United States by the Patent and Trademark Office because Sega hasn’t been using it.

"The trademark page explains that the cancellation happened “because registrant did not file an acceptable declaration under Section 8."

See it for yourself right here.

So, who will snap it up?


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