John Carmack

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Legals: Oculus VR Gets Nasty News

Zenimax filing against John Carmack for stealing its IP

01 May 2014

Carmack Struggles with Console Generation Updates News

The man who brought us Doom speaks developer sense

12 Dec 2013

Games Legend Carmack Joins Oculus Rift News

Confirmed that he is joining the 3D virtual reality firm - no word from id Software in this position there.

07 Aug 2013

Major New Video Shows Stellar Cast of Game Devs News

Seriously loads and loads of high class and high talent devs in one place.

23 Jul 2012

John Carmack has Opinion on Next Gen Consoles News

Console gaming is going to 'morph'.

07 Jun 2012

Carmack: Doom 3 Code is Done News

Get ready to play again as if it's 2004!

01 Nov 2011

Carmack: Game Consoles to be Out-Powered by Cell Phones News

Pressure on for next-next gen game consoles

08 Jul 2011

Carmack on Quake 5: Back to Cthulhu-ish Quake News

Another re-imagining looms

17 Jun 2011

Carmac: PS3 'Crappier Debugging' but More Performance than Xbox 360 News

Still very diplomatic though

13 Apr 2011

Lack of Rage Dedicated Servers Invites... Rage News

Rage joins Modern Warfare 2

06 Nov 2009

World of Warcraft's Morhaime for Academy Hall of Fame News

Blizzard CEO joins august company

12 Dec 2007

John Carmack Talks Nintendo Quake Arena News

Rumoured,1999 Multiplayer Quake game in your hand.

06 Aug 2007

Carmack Weighs In On Next Gen News

PS3's not a piece of junk (or anything)

11 Jan 2007

Super Doom 3 for PlayStation 3 News

It’s like being back in 1989!

26 Sep 2005

The Xbox 360 – Killing on the Way News

Carmack makes bold support claims – must read.

16 Aug 2005

Doom III Xbox Screenshots Make us Feel Queasy News

It gets worse – Carmack is evil, proven inside.

28 Apr 2004

Amazing new id game details revealed by Carmack! News

The new game will feature…

26 Mar 2004

GDC keynote speakers revealed News

Departing words of wisdom – The chosen ones inside

30 Oct 2003

Game journalists show amazing memory loss as Xbox Doom III ignites tiny minds News

Carmack sighs – general stupidity reigns.

07 Apr 2003

John Carmack on Doom III News

Graphics cards compared

31 Jan 2003

Doom III preview code leaked News

Carmack responds.

28 Nov 2002

id outsources Quake 4 to Raven Software in favour of Doom? News

Doom or Quake. Which would you choose?

30 Jul 2001

EA and id clash over PS2 Quake 3 details exclusive News

id puts its foot down over EA's modifications to the PlayStation 2 version of Q3. Read it only here!

28 Feb 2001

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